Sunsets of Horseshoe Bay

I took a break from the season finale of House (do not tell me how it ended!) to get a shot of the sunset.  It really wasn’t anything too spectacular but I figured it would give me a chance to try out HDR again.

I have never done too good of a job at HDR but here’s what I got this time.  Click it to zoom in a bit.

Sunset on Golf Course

The second picture I took was really about ten which I stitched together in Photoshop to make a panorama.  The file is 499 megabytes and some how converts to a jpeg to 2mb…  So that’s interesting.  How something goes from 6000×2300 and 8 bits into just 2mb, I have no idea.  Again, click to enlarge.

So while I was taking these pics some random guy in one of the houses started yelling at me to get off of the course.  It kinda really bugged me.  I had every right to be on the course.  My grandparents are members of the country club and own a house on the golf course.  They pay for the right for us to use the course.  Furthermore, it was after 5:30pm so actually anyone could go on the course.  Gah.  What a meanie.

I just ignored him, took more pics and continued my conversation with Ryan.