Kodak Zi8

It appears my dream to own the Panasonic Lumix LX3 is going to be forced into early retirement.  The order was placed months ago and seems to continue to be on back order.

Kodak Zi8 (click to zoom)

Kodak Zi8 (click to zoom)

I was really hoping to use this camera as a fantastic point-and-shoot that I keep with me at all times and shoot high definition video for the fun of it, and to allow myself some experience editing video since that’s a major weakness in my portfolio.

But then Kodak announced their new handheld camcorder, the Kodak Zi8.  This camera beats out the competition with 1080p video at 30fps.  The LX3 shot at  720p 24fps.  So, in theory, this should be a pretty decent upgrade to the LX3 in terms of video capabilities.  Plus it’s supposedly, especially made for the Mac.  It records to Apple’s preferred HD format for portable devices for quick editing and uploading to YouTube.

Now, it isn’t the HD you see from the likes of NBC or the beautiful work of the Film Riot podcast, but it’s still pretty damn nice, in theory at least.  There is no zoom on the camera and your pretty limited in features. There will be none of that beautiful soft focus to sharp focus effects that make true cameras such beautiful, and expensive, machines to work with.  But, as a tool to teach myself editing in FinalCut and just fun videos for Ryan and I, this is a great option for me.

Plus, you can always hack them and put some adapter lenses on them to get a fisheye or zoom lens on there.  And at under $180, it’s a steal really.  Mine will be at my doorstep September 2nd so look for some of my “films” posted here after that!  Now I must decide, YouTube HD, Vimeo HD, Flickr HD or SmugMug HD?

What are your favorite video serving sites, for HD?  Flickr has beautiful video but it’s gotta be under 90 seconds (artsy but lame).  SmugMug has the best video playing PERIOD but I’m not sure I want to renew my account, I still haven’t used it and it’s kinda expensive.  Vimeo has a shitty EULA and ToS (they get all your intellectual property) as I’ve been told.  And YouTube… well I don’t want any ads placed over my videos, do they do that to every video and do they let you embed the HD video into your blog or do people have to click the “HD” button to activate HD?

Thanks friends and shoot me some ideas on what to shoot!

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Blue Eyeball HD Webcam/Mic

I’ve been aching for an HD camera for a while now, and with a little bit of money left over at the university, I bought the Blue Eyeball “Super” HD Webcam.

It promised “Super High Definition Video” and superior audio recording. I’ve always heard great things about Blue Microphones and listened to episode 134 of MacBreak Weekly where it was Andy Ihnatko‘s “Pick of the Week”.

Ihnatko raved of the image quality and audio recording quality, and being a fan, I went along with it and bought one, without reading any reviews online.

So how much do I love the Blue Eyeball?

Ermmm, not so much.  More after the jump. Continue reading