Home Sweet Home Again

So it looks like the impossible might actually happen. According to the powers that be, after around five months of being nomadic from hotels to friends’ houses to vacation rentals, our apartment will be inhabitable starting tomorrow. I’m of course not holding my breath since it was supposed be finished in early April, but we actually see progress now.

Light at the End of the Tunnel
Light at the End of the Tunnel

For weeks our apartment sat empty with no work being done and the deadline being extended anther week or another month. Being kicked out of your apartment for months is rough, especially when you aren’t able to take much if anything. My home is also my office. When I don’t have a home I also don’t have an office.

Today the workers finished painting our bedroom and tomorrow the carpet is installed. Once that is done, we can officially start moving back into our apartment, which is going to be awesome.

How should we celebrate? I was thinking a wine and cheese party to kick off another year in our apartment, hopefully mold free this time around.