Shaun Chapman at MobLogic.TV

Not only is this guy incrediby sexy (physically and intellectually), he has a great mission.  Check him out on

Seriously, he is gorgeous and I smell at least a little bit of homo in him hehe.  But for reals, visit his initiative, VoteSolar and let’s make some change.

The current state of energy in America and the world is just terrible.  There are really easy ways that we can do this and there is really no reason we haven’t already.  What happened to Americans leading the way through innovation and showing the rest of the world what we are made of.

Look what is happening with China, yeah, besides the Olympics.

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Experiments in 1:1 Macro

Stranded, alone at my parents’ house in Houston today, I pulled out my Nikon D80 and that new 60mm Macro lens I recently picked up and went to town.

I started out, as I nearly always do, with a shot of a flower.  It seems every home my parents live in require at least one hibiscus.  This house is no exception.

The wind was pretty strong but I managed to get a somewhat decent shot between gusts.


One thing that is so great about this lens, is the ability to get down to a 1:1 ratio.  Check out what happens when you do that on the pollen of this hibiscus.


I thought that was just crazy!  Click here to see it full sized to get a real feel for how close this thing can get.

After the hibiscus, I moved on to a rusty metal butterfly.  Nothing special but I did enjoy the perspective and red-brown rust juxtaposed to the green grass.


I went inside a bit do some a few lines of blow.

Not really, but I did grind up some salt in a Peugeot Salt Mill and pretend it was cocaine.  Come on, it’s kinda fun.  Especially fun if someone snorts up the salt haha.


I scraped this mess up into a few lines and took some pics but… Meh.

I pushed all of the salt into a spoon and then torched it like some heroin.  Not sure why I was so drug-centric today haha.  Looked awesome when I shot onto the salt.  Made this beautiful glow.


I sprinkled the super-heated salt onto some butter… again, why not.  Snap, crackle and sizzle.  It was pretty cool for being so lame.

Finally an “artsy” shot through a magnified window pane in our front door.  Focused on the hydrangeas on the front porch quite nicely.  Fun.


This is another one of those shots that really needs to be seen full sized to get the picture.  Pun was totally not intended.

One More Reason Mizzou Sucks

Has this ever happened before finals?  Do we ever have hot guys and girls running around campus in nothing but their skivvies?  I see now why Joseph went to ASU, good choice my man, good choice.

[flv:ASU_Strip.flv 550 310]

I want to transfer.  Warm weather, clear skies, an Urban Outfitters, real clubs and best of all… half naked students running through campus.  Fierce.

No one has this much fun during finals week.

Car Commercial that Doesn’t Suck

Normally I just can’t stand car commercials.  This one, however, is quite the exception.  It’s the new Pontiac G8 and the commercial is based on a video game I used to play any time my family went to one of those cheap pizza places like CiCi’s with the arcade.

I just loved that game and to see someone create something out of it, well, it just really touches my heart, sob sob sob.  😉

[flv:Pontiac_G8.flv 425 325]