Welcome Home

I had a wonderful day yesterday hanging with Ryan and Mark and Sean and Kevin…


I got my new MacBook Pro powersupply which I left back in Missouri, gah!  I also picked up the Incase Power Slider while Kevin and I were at the Apple Store.  So far I’m loving it but I’ll wait to use it a few days before I give a real review.

Last night Sean, Ryan, Mark and I headed out for Sushi at Eiji, but not before Mark, Ryan and I had some Birite ice cream. Yum!

The sushi was great, the Sake was fun and really helped get the night going. Then we saw the $410 Christmas trees… WTF?!

After sushi was Pilsner Inn where a bunch of bears were having a birthday party.

Ryan got a hankering for something sweet when he saw the birthday cake so we went Home.  I had never been there but it seemed totally appropriate for how I was feeling all day.  As soon as I could see the bay from the airplane I felt Home.  So, we went to Home and got the trio and had a delicious desert platter. Yum.

Then we began the parting of ways… Sadface.  But the night was a whole lot of fun.

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Amy’s Ice Creams

Holy heck, this ice cream is the bomb.  Next time any of you guys are in Austin, or where ever there is an Amy’s Ice Creams, you MUST get some.

Best Ice Cream, Best Service, Yummy!

Best Ice Cream, Best Service, Yummy!

Ryan and I tried the Peanut Butter and Oreo, never had better ice cream.  Plus the people working there were awesome.  Really funny and friendly.  Yay for fun Texans and great treats.  Since vacation is now officially over, we can’t indulge in such delights.

When’s the next vacation…!

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