Check out my Ignite Talk

A few weeks ago the good people at O’Reilly Media uploaded my five minute Ignite Sebastopol 6 talk. I have been hesitant to share it with you guys because I have near crippling¬†glossophobia¬†that apparently continues on to the weeks after walking off the stage. Perhaps I’m just a little self-conscious.

But you know what? The reason I jumped at the opportunity to give an Ignite talk was an effort to conquer my fear of public speaking. So here’s to conquering another fear! The talk is about serendipity and how it brought me from a high school in Houston to the Ignite stage in Sebastopol.

Also, shoutout to my friend Lauren Kilberg who was probably the first person in the world to see the video on YouTube. In fact, Lauren was the first person to tell me it was on YouTube and she’s tweeting from Korea! True friends ūüėÄ

As of this posting I STILL haven’t watched the video which has 90 views so far. Can’t believe I’m sharing this with you guys haha. Cheers and don’t be too mean in the comments! No promises but if I get enough positive comments here to convince me it isn’t a totally¬†embarrassing¬†train wreck, I’ll totally consider watching it.

I’m Giving an Ignite Talk!

I have become a huge believer in the idea of serendipity, the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for (link). Many of the opportunities I have been lucky enough to come across have come into my life seemingly out of nowhere. Though, when I start looking back, I can almost always find the root of the happy surprises.

Here’s a quick list off the top of my head: Continue reading