Impromptu Visit to the Wine Valley

A jaunt over to Ikea to buy a dresser becomes a trip to Sonoma Valley for @Marris_Returns and I. We met up at Ikea where said dresser was purchased. Meanwhile Marris gets a phone call about a cousin about a trip to Napa.

One thing lead to another and the trip to Napa was cancelled almost as soon as it started. But, instead of getting all down about the whole deal, we decide to surprise @KaylaGettys with a trip to her winery in Healdsburg, Seghesio Family Vineyards.

Well, that trip to Seghesio became a trip to Seghesio, Mauritson Vineyards, Amista Vineyards and finally Sbragia Family Vineyards where we met the owner’s daughter, Gina. We hoped to squeeze in one more winery, Preston Vineyards, but we were a bit too chatty with each of these great, small production wineries.

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The New Apartment

I have figured out why I feel so lazy, slothy and such.  Typically I would wake up everyday between 6:30 and 8:00 in the morning and get ready for class which started at 8:00 or 9:30 in the morning.  Then I would drive to campus and park my car which was followed by a brisk walk to class.  Everyday.  And then walking from class to class and then back to the parking garage.  All that walking burned a lot of calories and kept me from feeling icky.

Since summer started I haven’t really been walking all that much.  I workout but not enough, especially considering my goals for the summer…  So I guess starting tomorrow I will take some long walks, actually ride my bike somewhere and have an adventure.  I work Friday through Sunday, so that will get me some real movement.  Maybe I will start swimming or something.

I feel really alone right now, and doing any of these things alone just isn’t much fun.

My new apartment will be ready in just a week and a day.  This is very exciting.  I won’t actually be able to move in for a few days or weeks after that.  I’m getting my floors refinished before I move in.  Right now they have the potential to be beautiful but thanks to years of wear and tear, the wood floors don’t look so hot.

When I get to Houston I’m going to make a trip to IKEA to figure out a way to make my kitchen work for me.  As it is right now there is zero counter top space, as in, there are zero counters.  Just a 5 foot wide sink “thing”.  It seems the sinks from the 20’s required drying racks on either side, what?  No dishwasher? haha  And the wall opposite the sink is totally bare, not a damned thing on it.  And really, there isn’t room for anything, I believe there is only a few feet between the wall and the sink.  Yikes.  Only one cook in there at a time.

I have already found some really cool kitchen systems at Lowes and Target that should help remedy this situation.  I plan to turn the breakfast nook into a kitchen prep nook instead… and turn the living room’s dinning area into the primary dinning room.  It’s placed in front of these beautiful windows, what better place to eat one of my delicious dinners? haha

Even though I won’t be able to actually move anything into the apartment, I am excited about spending time, cleaning it up.  Doing a deep clean of the kitchen and the bathroom… and just about every other part of the place.  The guy who has been living there is a really wonderful fella and did some great things to the walls of the apartment, love the colors, but as with most guys in college, not the cleanest guy around.  Super considerate though, I wouldn’t be surprised if I walked in there June 1 and found it shining from floor to ceiling.  (well maybe not floor…)