Thrillist Drinks at The Brixton

A few weeks ago Aaron convinced me, with little effort, to purchase a Thrillist deal for The Brixton. In exchange for $38 we’d each get five beers, five cocktails and an appetizer. The drinks were pre-determined with an emphasis on world beers and cocktails but the appetizers would be of our choosing. An $84 value for only $38!

Ordinarily I wouldn’t travel to San Francisco’s Marina for drinks and appetizers but this deal, and the group of friends who joined in, made it worth the long 22-Fillmore bus ride.

Oh but there was a catch. To get your appetizer you had to drink all ten passport drinks. Never fear, we were up to the challenge. Shea, Kat, Aaron and I worked over two nights, with a little help from Oliver, to complete four Olympic Passports.  Continue reading