Barney Frank Talks to a Dinning Room Table

At a Barney Frank town hall meeting in Dartmouth, MA, a constituent asks, “Why are you supporting this Nazi policy?”

Frank, an openly gay, Jewish, Democratic Congressman from Massachusetts from  responds: “On what planet do you spend most of your time?” He then calls her approach “vile, contemptible nonsense.” He closes by saying: “Trying to have a conversation with you would be like arguing with a dining room table.”

Glad someone finally said what was really on their mind about this, way to go Barney Frank.  I have a feeling Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri will be the next to open a can of whoop-ass.

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No Smoke, Just Mirrors

I decided to dip my hand into this tight aperture (f-22 to f-36) on a mirror game, literally.

Hard to take a picture of your own hand…  Lesson = learned.

Next time I am going to spin that dradle, I bet it would make for a pretty awesome shot.

Looks like motor oil but it is honey.  Sweet, delicious honey injected with red wine to increase the golden color.  Thought up that one on my own 😉

Learned how to double my money in a flash!

My prized Nikon F3.  I never use it, but I do prize it.  Click for a larger version.

I didn’t have any food coloring and corn syrup to make fake blood so I just tried some of that wine.  No go.  Just couldn’t get that blood look.  So here’s the pic sans faux blood.

Funny story, after putting all of this stuff up, i accidentally cut myself and bled all over the mirror haha, damn the timing.