Jonny Lang

So I was doing my usual afternoon bike ride. Goal is to get my average speed to 25mph…

Anyways, I go to Starbucks to cool off, get a drink etc. I’m sitting down at the bar sipping on my Iced Grande Double Shot when this incredibly sexy guy orders his drink.

At the hand-off plane I start to thinking… Who is this guy? He is so hot, I feel like I know him. And then it hits me.

It’s mother fucking Jonny Lang. The hottest, nicest, blues singer of my, or really any generation.

I kept my cool, introduced myself; told him I used to do work for Klipsch whom he acted as a spokesperson. Once when I was hospitalized for a while in high school, Klipsch got him to sign a few CD‘s and magazine covers for me, he remembered that and asked how I was.

It was great. He was just as nice as you would expect, made small talk and me feel totally comfortable, even though I was freaking out on the inside.

Can’t wait for the concert tonight. Going to bring the camera and try and get some pics of him in action. If you haven’t heard of Jonny Lang, you are missing out. By far just one of the greatest song writers, composers and blues singers out there and just a stand up guy.

Plus he’s not hard to look at, not at all.

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