Fun in/with Concordia

Chase and the band invited me to join them on their trip to Concordia where they were to perform at a local fair of sorts.  The invitation was taken with great anticipation of an awesome time; and an awesome time was had.

The trip up was a combination of singing to crappy radio music and… well that’s really what we did the whole way up.  I showed my skills as a homo taking lead on the Mariah Carey tracks.

I guess I didn’t really know what to expect out of Concordia and in the end, it was pretty much insane.  This is a small town, a small, very white town.  In fact, out of the 2360 people that live there, only 47 of them aren’t white.  That is to say, 98% of the people of Concordia Missouri are white, the other 2% are a mix of all other races.

Yes, there were rebel flags and rednecks galore.  We had a good time taking in the sites and making fun, ahem, studying the sociological environment of Concordia, MO.


Just steps outside of the venue were all of the rides and the people.  Scouts was to play with two or three other bands but, perhaps in fear of playing after the Clash of the Titans champions, ended up playing alone as the other bands pussied out.

One of the fabulous sites outside The Hanger, the venue for the night, was this lady sitting in her kid’s stroller… smoking a cigerette.

Scouts played a set to a small, interesting crowd and then we headed out for some dinner…  But seeing as half of us are vegetarian and the other half not too excited about fair corn dogs, we chowed down on ice cream and kettle corn.

And then were the rides.  I didn’t go on any, had all my camera gear plus I was a little afraid of death via carni-engineered ride.

Mark = clearly a little nervous on the Gravitron.

Everyone came out alive. And then we watched the fabulous parade of rednecks and white trash.  It was deliciously disturbing.  These are the people who will vote Republican not matter what. These are the people who are proud of their ignorance and stupidity.

Don’t believe me?  Look at their floats.

The solution so “gas reamage” apparently is using an outhouse to collect methane gas.  Classy.

I won’t deny that the guy sitting in the outhouse is pretty hot, but the fact he is even in the outhouse ruins any sexiness.

Oh and how do we spell sponsor?  Oops, someone almost forgot that second “s”.  Never mind that EVERY SINGLE float spelled “sponsor” as “sponser”.  Holy shit…

Then Scouts went back and played a set, I took some pics and sold some Scouts CD’s and t-shirts.  My sales skills were pretty hot that night.

The second set was even better than the first and we had more ppl there to enjoy the music.  It was a good fun time and then we went out to check out the rides and games.  The rides at night were beautiful and allowed us to TRY a few promo pics.  I wish I had known ahead of time that it was going to be a fair.  I would have brought my tripod so we could do better promo pics.  Really kinda pissed I didn’t have it, they would have come out much better as far as sharpness and framing.  Holding a camera still for 3 seconds while people are trying to stay still is really quite difficult.  I am kicking myself right now for not having the tripod but we will have another chance at that… some day.

I’ll just start bringing it whenever I go anywhere with Scouts.

We headed out of town around 11:30 and went straight to Taco Bell which of course was closed… WTF?! No fourth meal?  We ended up having to get some McDonald’s; my stomach was not happy afterwards and all I had was a medium fry.

It was a really fun time.  I hope we can go to a fair again sometime soon… not sure how that will happen though.  I’d love to do these pictures and be prepared with a tripod, gah!

I am almost finished catching up with my posts though I’m kinda cheating by skipping some stuff.  Oh well, it’s my blog and I can do what I want with it.

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My Massive iTunes Library

You might remember, since it was my last post, that when I updated my iTunes to 7.7.1, it crashed my iTunes Library.  I had to start from scratch.  One reader posted a question in my comments.  ZC asked, did I really have the music, why would I have that much media, is it all legal/illegal; etc etc.


I most certainly do have that much music, or I did before the crash.  Some numbers have dropped but I retained about 95% of my media.

Why so much?  Well, I don’t pay for cable/satellite and I live in an area where picking up HD over the air is not very feasible.  I got tired of paying for HD-DVR Cable a few years ago and when the AppleTV came out, I was done with it.

Since I was in high school I had the habit of buying lots of CD‘s from Warehouse Music.  The store near my house was going out of business, for four years, and I took advantage of its slow, slow death.

I had a great job working in a chemical company’s laboratory and doing IT work, since I only had classes half of the day, I spent the last year of high school working and really racking up a large library of music.

When iTunes was released for the PC, I went berzerk.  The first thing I purchased, sadly, was Mama Mia; I was hitting on someone who wanted a copy of the CD.

Anyways, the seed was born and I put about $100/month into my iTunes account though it wasn’t uncommon for me to buy 10 CD’s from a new/used music store in a day.

I did this not only to fulfill my love of music, I did it also because I lived with four to six other people who also loved music; I had money, they did not.  I would buy music and let them stream it onto their iTunes in our home.  We had large parties at least once a week, it was college after all, and those parties required vast quantities of high quality, popular music.

Later, I would tire of paying for cable and DVR.  The whole idea of paying to watch something once was stupid to me.  Almost worse was paying to record something only to have to delete it sometime later.

Remember that episode of The OC when what’s-her-face gets drunk and makes out with who’s-that-ho?

I decided I wanted to start buying my television shows and watching them on my schedule.  Going to school, working full time, watching tv, doesn’t work.

I got the AppleTV the day it came out.  I got an iPod video, the day it came out.  I watched my television at the gym, I listened to my music and podcasts in the car.

When the AppleTV finally arrived, I was able to put these movies onto our 46″ plasma screen and off of my tiny iPod screen or my 24″ iMac screen.  That was amazing to me.

I bought more and more television this week.  I considered my cable tv bill of $70/month to be my allowance for buying television shows on iTunes/AppleTV.

Eventually I filled up the 500gb hard drive of my iMac and bought two 1TB externals, one for Time Machine and one for iTunes.

Now I have a 55″ HDTV in my apartment and a 42″ HDTV at our condo.  The 55″ HDTV is powered by my AppleTV, the 42″ is done so by my MacBook Pro through DVI/HDMI.

I am never stranded without some form of entertainment from my iPod, my iPhones (Edge and 3G versions), my iMac, my MacBook Pro or my AppleTV.  It allows me to workout longer and harder.  It keeps plane rides and bus trips barable and to me is a worthy investment.

Friends come over all the time to watch old seasons of Weeds or Damages, just like you would if you had the series on DVD.  Only now we can just click through the AppleTV and don’t have to deal with CD’s and DVD’s all over the place.

Some might think I’m crazy and some people have hundreds and thousands of more titles than I do.  It is not a bragging thing, it is just me loving media and entertainment and consuming it on my time, on my rules when I want to do it.

I hope that explains it.

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Scouts Concert

Last night, after enjoying a meatless bar-b-que with Geoffrey I went off to The Blue Note to see Chase’s band, Scouts, play.

I hung around for the first band to play, headed by a feisty lesbian (broad assumption), they rocked pretty hard.  Not my particular style, but I did enjoy their sound.  I had not been to The Blue Note in a while so that was fun in itself.  Not many people were around for the first band, but as they left the stage and Scouts went on to setup, people starting coming in through the woodwork.


I watched them set up their stuff.  Glad I didn’t have to do it.










They were awesome, of course.  Just for who cares, my friend Chase is the guy directly above this picture.  It’s pretty cool, like three of the guys in the band all play percussion, keyboard and guitar.  Something like that.  I thought that was pretty awesome, but maybe that’s cause i don’t play any of those things…

I went upstairs to waste some time while their broke down their stuff and saw a sign for the women’s restroom and it totally reminded me of how Chase says “ladies”.  So… I took a picture of it.  Of course I did.


The concert was great, I look forward to hearing them play again, hopefully a longer set.  I’m also hoping to do some photography for them, just like some studio type work, but we’d need to find a cool set/place and I’d probably need to get some new strobes (read, an SB-800 or two) to do it properly.  Course, for that money, I could get an AlienBees strobe light setup which would kick 20 SB-800’s collective asses!