The Other Justin and Pine 22

I am always excited when the opportunity to meet a Twitter friend during one of my trips comes up. On my trip to Orlando I got to meet two of my Twitter friends in real life (IRL) for the first time. The first was a Twitter friend of my namesake, Justin, followed by Skylor at another downtown Orlando restaurant.

Corey and I met Justin aka @TheJustins86 at a gourmet burger restaurant called Pine Twenty 2 in downtown Orlando. Pine Twenty2 was the recommendation of Justin and what a great one it was.

Pine 22

How we actually came about Pine Twenty2 is even more interesting. Corey was showing to me the menu of a restaurant downtown. I kept saying “wow that sounds awesome” and thinking, “I want to go there!” Then I say to Corey, “The other Justin wants to go to some place called ‘Pine Twenty2’…”

Meanwhile, Corey was showing me the menu to Pine Twenty2 the entire time. If that isn’t a sign, I don’t know what is. Continue reading

One Time, Too Many

Music these days sucks.

Seems that with every new generation creating music, the previous generations rise up against it.  Our grandparents didn’t understand rock music.  Our parents’ generation didn’t understand grunge, hip-hop or pop music.

Our generation?  Well, I think I speak for all of us here when I say, we don’t “get” or maybe even stand for, this new craptastic music coming out by kids purporting to be rap artists, divas, hot shit… etc.  These kids, five or ten years ago, would have been in Nabisco advertisements, a Sunny Delight ad or skateboarding in a CapriSun commercial.  But singing and rapping? Acting like they have these grand parties with questionable/notable music artists (in this case Usher), that’s total bullshit.

Where has the talent gone?  What is this shit and what the hell do the parents of these kids think? Oh yeah, $$.  Girls dancing and singing like adults, wearing skimping clothes and makeup, how did that idea ever get into their heads?! (cough cough, Bratz Dolls anyone?)

Well, to add on to that list, Justin Bieber.  Now, I normally support anyone sharing my name but holy mother, this is just awful.  Not only is he 15 going on 22, his music just plain sucks.  Sucks so much that I thought I’d go ahead and let you enjoy some of it. Cause I’m nice like that.

Seriously Justin Bieber. You have a “shorty”? You’re 15 and in love?  This video verges into some warped pedophiliac world of young kids partying together in a genre of music where this inevitably leads to sex, drugs and alcohol.

I remember when Bill Clinton was in office, there was a study conducted that discovered or elaborated on the importance of music to children and their development.  That study recommended parents have their children listen to at least 30 or 60 minutes of classical music everyday, prenatal and onward.  I’m pretty sure it never mentioned this.

Someone in the music industry, please put a stop to this shit.  I might fall victim to liking some auto-tuned music, that’s one thing, but this?  I think the RIAA needs to stop worry about people sharing music, ruining the music industry.  Clearly there is some sort of self-destruction going on in there already.


I did my due diligence and looked further into Justin Bieber.  Turns out, he really is talented, doesn’t need auto-tune and could someday be a recognized singer with a good, if not remarkable voice.  This clip of him singing a Christmas song when he was… 12 (?) reminds me of early Michael Jackson videos, Jackson Five days.  It’s really the kind of music he should be singing, at his age, along with the covers of Justin Timberlake etc, in his YouTube channel.

What I find disturbing in the earlier video is the way the video portrays him and the other kids in the video.

It gives an impossibly illusion to an impractical and largely unattainable lifestyle; perhaps one that kids shouldn’t desire anyways.  The scenes are full of innuendo, the lyrics do not fit the age of the singer or the actors in the video.

It’s an adult hip-hop video with the boobs, booze and blow.

So Justin Bieber, keep on singing, clearly you’ve got talent.  Just, don’t let fame, money and influence change who you are, a 15 year old, talented kid and dilute your future as a serious singer, songwriter and performer.

Wow, since when did I become a child psychologist?

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