Miss Otis Regrets

For a good portion of my childhood I had a stay-at-home mom. Between careers in marketing, education and public relations, my mom stayed home to take care of my brother and me. I look back fondly to those days, bringing friends home knowing our house would always be “together” and the aroma of freshly baked brownies waiting to greet us as we entered.

A Young Justin on the Stairs
A Young Justin on the Stairs

Another memory that sticks out is the music my mother played as she worked around the house. This requirement of aural stimulation must be genetic because to this day I have trouble getting much of anything done without music or a podcast in the background.

In fact, as I write this I am listening to Jay-Z and Kanye West’s collaborative album, Watch the Throne.

For my mother the music was Earth Wind and Fire, Al Jarreau, Aaron Neville, Sade and Bette Midler. Of all those artists, it was the Divine Miss M that impacted me the most. You would think the love I had for her and Barbara Streisand would have tipped people off but I guess everyone somehow overlooked that… Continue reading

Kanye West’s Runaway Art Direction

Is it silly that I sat for thirty-five minutes glued to YouTube and my computer watching the latest, if not greatest, showcase of Kanye West‘s pleionosis? No.

Kanye’s new music video film shows off a handful of songs from his album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy including the namesake Runaway and borrows heavily from the film styles of some of my all time favorite films. Continue reading

You Are a Terrorist

Knowing that these sort of people are in the world make me fear walking out the door.

Of course, after they day I had today… Knowing I haven’t gone this crazy was about the only thing to make me smile.

Furthermore, I’m pretty sure Kanye West is about 90% of the way to this level of crazy.  Seriously, his antics on the MTV VMAs were pretty horrendous.

What a crazy day tomorrow, time to get some sleep.  Enjoy the audio on the right, turn down the speakers, sit back and enjoy some crazy bitch yelling at a, really nice, telemarketer.  Hilarity.


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Mr Hudson – Supernova

Bought this music video on my iPhone today and became an instant favorite.  I’m a sucker for good beats, bleached blond hair and beautiful cinematography. This video has them all plus a sometimes douchey but always talented Kanye West.  It’s the first single off Mr. Hudson‘s new album, Straight No Chaser.  He looks an awful lot like an ex of mine old friend of mine…  Makes me kinda wish I still had the bleached blond hair of a few years ago.  That was fun.

Here’s the video, sorry Vimeo wouldn’t let me embed the HD version, click the vid to check that one out.  Got the HD version and just posted it, sweeet! Still, pretty cool that Mr. Hudson (hate calling him that) is using Vimeo to put out his video instead of locking it down to MTV/iTunes etc; plus he posts people’s videos of his music from YouTube to his own site. Pretty sweet.

[flv:Mr_Hudson-Supernova.flv 640 360]

What do you think? Album comes out October and I’m pretty sure I’ll be pre-ordering it on Amazon MP3.

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