600 watts of LOUD

I got myself an Oster 4242 “Now With 600 watts of Power” today. I needed it to replace my Starbucks Barista Blender which ate itself. It did, really it did.

Anyways, I unpacked the blender ($59.99 at Target), washed it out and proceeded to make my protein shake.

Some fat free soy milk, a scoop of Muscle Milke Lite and a handful of ice cubes.

So what can I say about the results? Well, it sure did blend well. That ice was abliterated.

But what of my hearing? This thing was fucking LOUD! So loud that I dug out my SPL meter and turned this thing back on.

  • 108dB running with just the motor, no ice, no liquid, no blender top at all!
  • 112db blending ice and liquid.

Some might not know how loud 112dB is. How about this chart from Galen Carol Audio.

That’s a little too loud for me. And despite its efficient ice chopping abilities and nice looks, this guy is going back to Target tomorrow. What good is a blender when it is so loud, you can’t even be in the same room when it is turned on?!

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