Drobo, Here You Come

I bit the bullet today.  Not buy choice but by necessity.

For the last several months I’ve wanted a Drobo.  When the Drobo 2 came out with FireWire 800, my want became a crave.  When my 1tb iTunes drive started clicking, my crave became a “oh shit I need to get this fixed” and when my laptop got to 2gb free and my desktop 50gb free and my TimeMachine ran out of space my “oh shit” became, “BUY NOW!”

So, with my tax refund, I bought a Drobo. Not the most exciting thing I could have purchased, and probably sealed the deal of me NOT going to San Francisco Pride, but I had to get it.  Otherwise, I’m basically screwed.  Either my hard drives are going to fully fail and I’ll lose everything (even my MacBook Pro drive is starting to click) or I’d just have to reformat and love everything anyways.

So what all did I get?

First, the Drobo.

Drobo 2

Then, four Western Digital 1.5tb hard drives

Western Digital 1.5tb, 32mb Cache, 7200 Green Drive

All that adds up to 6tb of space. Wow, glorious space!  It’s super exciting to not have to worry about running out of hard drive space, at least for a while.  Plus, when I do?  I’ll just have to fork over whatever it costs for a 2, 3 or 4tb drive as those come out.  The Drobo can store up to 4, 4tb drives so I have room for 10tb more.

Now I’ve just gotta cross my fingers that it comes in before my drives totally crash. While I was typing this post, my 1tb WesterDigital Studio Edition drive crashed on me… Scary stuff.

So, Friday, my Drobo comes in and so do the three of the four 1.5tb drives.  I’ve gotta wait for the fourth drive to come in from NewEgg.com as Amazon.com limits you to 3 of these particular drives per month.


@RadZack asked how the data redundancy worked and how much space would be left over after the redundancy.  I honestly don’t understand how it works except that it doesn’t backup entire disks but 1/3 of each drive is saved on another drive so one drive can fail while the other two drives rebuild from their copies of particular portions of it.

Drobolator Capacity Calculator

Drobolator Capacity Calculator

So you end up with much more space than a normal RAID which simply mirrors your data, it, my 6tb drive would have 2.75tb of useable space while the Drobo has 4.1tb of usable space, an increase of 1.35tb.  That’s pretty awesome.


Clive suggested that despite this being an interesting solution to storage problems, it was expensive.  While yes, it isn’t cheap, here’s how it breaks down.  You’ll find that it’s really the best possible option around, especially at its price point.

@Clive Not really expensive. I haven’t found an option that’s even close to the price for 6tb of storage, expandable to 16tb with or without having to use all exactly the same drives like you can with a Drobo.

  • LaCie‘s 6tb is $1,400
  • Netgear 6tb is $3,600
  • Linksys 4tb is $700 ( with <2tb usable vs 4.1)
  • Fanthom 6tb is $1,600
  • EZquest 6tb is $1,500
  • G-Technology 6tb is $2,100
  • Homemade 6tb is $795

And remember, none of these have the same amount of storage space available as the Drobo or allow hot swapping of drives that are of different makes, sizes and speeds. My total was $450 + $139×4 = $1,006. That’s less than any other 6tb RAID array I’ve seen. If you build your own, yes you do save money, in fact you can save up to ~$200. But, you don’t get the feature set of a Drobo or the ability and flexibility in growth.  Much less Drobo’s warranty and support, drive specific applications etc etc.

I’ve Found Someone New(?)

I am sitting, well, crouching, at Aroma Roasters chit chatting with Callie and Andrew (why are they back together again? Oh well, broken record and I am certainly not one to judge haha). I see this super cute guy, pictured below, sitting with a girl, talking it up and making glances at me. I return glances, being really obviously interested, something I almost never do, being all shy. He leaves the coffee shop and I meet up with Chris for tea and crumpets.

I am talking about this really cute guy when, all of a sudden, someone walks over to me and kicks me. I look up, he says, Hey Justin, how are you?

It was my guy! He knows me? We talk a bit, he met me at one of Seth’s parties, I finally remember this and think, and oh goodness this guy is cute.

He leaves Aroma’s, says goodbye, I think our moment is over.


Next day, driving through town and I see him walking with the same girl towards town. I race my car through the intersection, throw twenty-five cents into the parking meter and jog through Exchange Bank to get to Fourth Street and follow them into the mall. Before you think it is all stalkers like, think about how cute it is, it was cute to Lacie! He opens the door for me and says, Fancy seeing you here, I giggle (giggle?!) and we part ways, he goes right, I go left.

Realizing that I really meant to go towards Macy’s, I turn around. Speeding to the mens fragrance counter, I spot Lacie, just the lass I was looking for. I tell her about my encounter with a guy named Matt or Mark. She thinks his name is Matthew and kind of knows him, he is definitely gay but she can’t really remember him then he appears again.

Says to me, What, are you like my stalker now? leading me to point out that I was at the cologne counter first! Tells me he is looking for a good cologne, I suggest my fragrance, Issey Miyake, tell him what it smells like and he says he really wants to smell it. I point to the counter, no samples there, but suggest he could ask Lacie to open one up for him. STUPID ME! I should have offered him me, smell me you cutie! Damn you Justin!

He leaves Macy’s and I haven’t seen him again. Sad

I did find him on Myspace, however. He is single (hmmm!). We shall see where this all ends. We don’t really know right?

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