Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?

Golden Gate Bridge by Kelly HobbThis is the first time for me to come back to Houston and not hang out with high school friends.  It seems that I have reached the point in my life where old friends have become forgotten friends.  I spend my time with my family and alone doing work instead of prowling the town into the late wee hours of the morning.

I was just here in March for Spring Break and my Lasik surgery and even then I had friends with whom I got to enjoy my time here.  It is amazing to me how quickly our lives change and how few of my former high school classmates have decided to stay in Houston, or even Texas altogether. 

It isn’t just my high school friends either.  My friends from Mizzou seem to be moving to the coasts, primarily San Francisco and New York City/Washington DC.

And coincidently, or perhaps not, right now Ryan and I are planning our escape and what are the two top places on our list?  San Francisco (the bay area) and Washington DC.

What is that draws us all so far from the Midwest?  What is so undesirable?  The east and west coasts are significantly more expensive and the job market is much more competitive, especially for college graduates.  Housing is up to ten times more expensive on average and crime is up.

We sacrifice security, cheap housing and our set of wheels for these destinations and what’s more?  We stay there!  This isn’t a vacation.  On top of that, we recruit.  I can’t count the number of people that moved to San Francisco after I did.

Alas, until Ryan and I pack our things and move to the coasts of California or the Capitol City, we will be rehearsing our goodbyes as our dwindling number of friends continue to venture out of Middle America for the cities with the power to make, or crush dreams.

Now for the Main Event

We almost didn’t make it to see the fireworks. It was touch and go as we were still eating when we heard the first crack of the fireworks. We actually missed much of the show, but thanks to Landon, we made it just in time to get a few glimpses at the show from the roof of his office building.



Now for the fireworks…












And then there were all of the cities surrounding Washington DC having their own fireworks shows. It was awesome to stand on the roof of Landon’s building and see six or more different fireworks shows 360 degrees around you.





And here is why I love my new (yet old) lens. These next two shots were taken from Landon’s building in the heart of Washington DC of a fireworks show in Maryland Virigina!



Sk8 P@rks R Gr8!

So, while we waited for the fireworks, drank some water and sat waiting for Landon’s friend Paul’s friend Kate to show up, we watched the skateboarders.  Afterwards, about thirty minutes later, we would all be evacuated from the American Mall because of tornado warnings.

Luckily, we had already left for the bars before that happened haha.


This guy was so graceful on the board, just swept through all of the chaos.  He was definitely cooler than me.  LoL


I just love that tattoo.  Always nice to find a punk-rock-skateboarder who loves his gays and… well is gay himself.  I find that incredibly, uncontrollably hot.  Call me a punk-rock lover!

Really though, I have found myself, since California, being just infatuated with punk-rock, emo, skateboarding, hipsters.


Nota bene… he didn’t wipe out, somehow, either through amazing physics bending or magic, he landed and rolled away.  Kinda reminded me of Fat Albert, no offense… 😉




This guy (above and below) could get some serious air.  It amazed me every time because it seemed to defy gravity how he could jump up from either a standing or moving position, flip his board over a few times while soaring a few feet into the air.  Yes, soaring feet… haha


This one was like four feet tall.  He was pretty awesome though :)  Probably that lower center of gravity thing… Hmm, I don’t know.


Night Shots

These were all done candidly, as in I can do didly about the quality since I didn’t have a tripod or much time. I was just walking, riding or sitting and took a quick snap shot. Some of these pictures would be stunning, IMHO, with a tripod and some patience. Perhaps I can make it around with both of those next time.





Whew York!

So.  I had an absolute blast in Boston.  I do believe I will have to add it to the list of places I want to live, if not only for the warmer months.  Then off to New York.  Oh New York… I can’t decide if I’m going to move to New York or to San Francisco.  It’s a tough call. 

I went to B&H Photography today and looked at some fun lenses and got a remote control for my camera, then to H&M and some new shirts.  Yay!  We had some authenic New York pizza and some Starbucks and some roasted nuts and… We have been eating way way too much.  I think Landon and I both will need a few day fast… yikes

Now we are on our way back to Washinton DC.  We are going to be entertaining a french gal named Audrey.  She is couch surfing.

Oh and hostels = awesome.  We stayed at one in Boston, I’m in love.  We ever went pub crawling with them, yay!

Ok, this bus is kinda squished to be typing too much.  Tomorrow I promise a better update wrought full of pictures.  I promise promise promise.

Much love!