Jesus Sells Hot Dogs

Ryan needed a California Driver’s License for a job application so off to the DMV.  We took the 21, got there in perfect timing, which was weird since most of our vacations, while fun, never fall on schedule.

Ryan made an appointment.  Thank goodness, that places was packed.  Though, I never have been to such an efficient DMV or DoR.


He passed the test, horray.  Now he is officially a citizen of the great state of California, kinda.  😉

Ever since the lasik I have felt that I’ve become a bit dyslexic and this was illustrated as we walked out of the DMV and found ourselves faced with a classic city hot dog stand.


However, what I saw was something different.  Yes, they both sold hot dogs and both offered you two gallons of mustard and ketchup, just one pump away…  But the one I saw had direction, had a message and was owned by Jesus, the son of God…

This is what I saw


I think it is a sign.  I think what this tells us is that Jews can in fact consume ham, if it is good enough for Jesus… or maybe these were Kosher Jesus Hot Dogs.  I’m still not sure.

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Catch and Release Phishing

Guess what, I’m a Central Bank customer.  Oh wait, no I’m not.  But some Phishing scam people are sending emails to people at Mizzou email addresses hoping that at least a few are members of the local bank.  They have created a site that sure does look like Central Bank’s site care of an address that appears to be but is really

They ask for your login ID, I put in “calloway42” and hit login.  What do you know, I’m in!

Notice the Phishing warning haha.  But I “logged in” and got to this next screen asking me for my opinion on some random things and then my account number, expiration dates and pin number.

I’m pretty sure that I would need to provide a username and password to log into my account, at the least, and then they would already have this information.  With my bank, Bank of America, I have to have a user account ID, a pin number, a picture identifier and finally a code that is sent to my cellphone each time I try to log in just to make positively sure only I can log into my account.  If you want to do that, you gotta know those three items AND have my cellphone with you.

Oh well, it’s always fun to almost be phished.  Also of note, none of the phishing pages were secure.  Not the best phishing scam I’ve ever seen.

Ok, off to get my Lasik surgery!