Lighting Project

I’m supposed to be working on this lighting project for my photography class. Here are a few pics I took today using different techniques. Basically I used a really long shutter release and a handheld flash. Nothing spectacular but my first try at it.

I’ve the the crazy eyes in that pic… haha This next one I really like.

And this one just features a light box for soft light, my light “box” kinda sucks though, it is wrinkly. I’m gonna make my own that should work better.

Meanwhile, my computer is fritzing out on me. Check out my trash can.

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Let’s Bowl!

Last night I went bowling with Ryan, Richelle, Kevin, Cindy, Galen , Mark and Daniel.

As you can see, that would be the infamous Cosmis Bowling. At $14.00 a person… it sure as hell better be out of this world. And it was! I had a total blast. Broke 100… haha, not the best bowler but it was lots of fun anyway.

Rochelle, Daniel and Mark all have their own balls and ball carriers and shoes… they were quite fancy. Ryan and Rochelle seemed to be enjoying themselves as they danced with the … interesting music choices.

I also got to try out my new lens, it did quite a good job I think. Has some potential with experimental light photography as well as portrait photography.

It was a good fun time.

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