Excuse My Beauty

I’m not sure if this is a tranny train wreck or just one FEIRCE latino/a… Either way, hella funny.  Reminds me of a few people I bumped into when I lived in San Francisco.  I was once kicked off a corner, from where I was waiting for Seth to walk me to a party, by a tranny prostitute who thought I was trying to steal her business.  Yikes.  Compliment or pwnd?

[flv:Excuse_My_Beauty.flv 425 355]

This Week in Video

I’ve been lazy posting recently because I’ve been going back in time and re-categorizing and tagging all my old posts.  I did some work on my MySQL database and deleted one extra table too many… oops.  So I lost all the categories for posts.  So, slowly I am putting categories and tags to all my posts.  I’m 10% done.  Seems like I should be closer to finished.  Ugh.

So, in leu of an actual post, here are some videos that caught my fancy this week.

First we have the Skittles Chocolate advertisement.  If all advertisements were this entertaining, I wouldn’t “Tivo” past them.  It’s so simple, yet so hilarious.  Maybe just to me, you be the judge

[flv:Skittles_Chocolate.flv 425 325]

Next up is a documentary that calls out the coffee companies on their bean purchasing practices.  That really irks me about this movie, is how misleading it is.  [Disclaimer: I haven’t actually seen it, but if it is as the preview advertises and most of these stories go, I think I know what’s going on]

They act like companies, say… Starbucks, pay pennies on the dollar for the beans as compared to the price at the store.  What they neglect to mention is the fact that when the beans get to the beaneries, they are raw.  No treatments have been done beyond maybe some washing and curing in the sun.  They haven’t been roasted, flavored, QC’d, packaged and shipped.  It is the price at the scene.

It’s like calling out Chick-Fil-A for selling a sandwich for $2.59 when the breast they used for it cost them $0.65.  There were so many things that happened between the death of the chicken and the serving of the sandwich.

Now, I can’t say much for bulk coffee companies like Folger’s and Maxwell House, they are both notorious for poor practices.  Either way, the movie looks interesting.

[flv:Black_Gold.flv 425 325]

And finally… No wonder the Sharper Image has filed for bankruptcy.  How stupid is this thing?  I mean, it looks fake it’s so bad.  haha

[flv:Sharper_Image_Harp.flv 425 325]


Another Prank Voicemail

I know who is sending these and while I actually kind of enjoy their humor, I do hope the people doing them don’t actually think I have ever fallen for the voicemail.  This one is from 314-757-1386 from Ladue Missouri

Anyway, I have gotten three or so of these voicemails and like I said, I enjoy them to some degree.  But… Let’s get real.  You dug through my dumpster to find my old discarded prescription medications.

Here’s the prank voicemail message.

And now a friendly message from Sister Maria


I’m all over iTunes, since the AppleTV my iTunes spending has been out of order… But I don’t pay a cable bill so it’s actually just about right and I get to keep the shows forever and watch them nearly anywhere.

So when a new show on ABC came out, I was all about getting the pilot episode.  They typically are good about their one hour shows.  The show is called Eli Stone and I really liked it.  Of course… I also really liked The Bucket List.  A lot.

Then I got to thinking, mind you I didn’t have to think too hard about this one… These two productions sure do seem similar.

  1. They are based around a character who spends a good deal of time in front of a court.
  2. Eli Stone is bisyllabic and then monosylabic as is Edward Cole
  3. Main characters names both start with E’s
  4. Both main characters are wealthy
  5. The both have brain phenomena (not the good kind)
  6. They are both dying (spoiler)
  7. They are both on a voyage to find themselves
  8. They both climb a fucking freezing mountain
  9. The Kicker?  They both carry someone’s ashes to the top of that fucking freezing mountain in a can of Chock Full o’Nuts Coffee can

It’s really quite ridiculous how similar they are, I could go one but I’ll be late for work if I do. 

Don’t let this discount the tv show, it is pretty great.  I got all teary eyed all over again, it’s like watching the movie (The Bucket List) but without the theater, expensive tickets and jerks in the back kicking your seat.

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I’m going to try using this new program, well new to me, called Qumana to post to my blog.  Unfortunately, the program puts this little tag, a signature if you will, at the bottom of all my posts.  I will leave it on this entry so you can see what I’m talking about but I really don’t like it!

This does do a very nice job of wordpressing though.  Online my site lags a little as I type and move images around etc.  It also has spell check, not that I need it… haha

Anyways, I gotta go to the condo, that’s where Ryan and I live.  I still have my apartment but we use it less and less it seems.  So sad because the place is gorgeous! Seriously though, I really do love my apartment, I wish we could live here… and there, but it just wears us out too much.  We need to find a way to merge the two into one place… hmmm

The ER tonight was more than busy.  Busy is an understatement.  We had over twenty people in the waiting room and more checking in the entire time I worked.  It was the busiest night I have yet worked.  What was in the air today? 

In other news, Panic! At the Disco has a new CD coming out in March.  Not sure what that mean to me exactly.  Of course, the teenybopper part of me (aside, teenybopper is spelled correctly according to Qumana, who knew that was even a real word!) will be getting that CD the day it comes out, who knows, I might even pre-order. 

In other news, you know your door/lock/intercom is too old when a locksmith walks by and leaves his business card.

That picture comes from our (Ryan and I) trip to New York.  Which reminds me… I miss New York!

First picture I used a Flickr (wow, it even knows how to spell Flickr!) link to post and the second I used Qumana to upload and post… Impressive!  Might never need to go to my wordpress admin page again!

Both pictures were taken with my iPhone… as we ran around the city from Apple store to Apple store trying to keep it charged!  It went two days of SOLID use before dying when we got home.  Incredible.

Ok, I’m out like gout.  Catch you guys on the flip-side.

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