Steve Jobs, Innovator 1955-2011

After years of battling cancer and recovering from a liver transplant, Steve Jobs, the innovator of my time, has passed away. The news hit me like a freight train in the form of a tweet from @BreakingNews.

Breaking News Tweet, Steve Jobs has diedAt first I was certain it was another cruel joke. Just last month CBS mistakenly reported Steve’s death and rumors of this kind have been going around for years. He actually made fun of it at his 2008 WWDC keynote address saying, “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” A nod to literary genius, Mark Twain.

It wasn’t until I read the report on Apple‘s own website that it really sank in. Steve is gone.

Steve Jobs Obituary - Apple

I know there are many people who follow me on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook, and even those that just stumbled upon this post, that might be reading this and thinking, “He was just a dude” or “He wasn’t an innovator, he was a borrower” etc.

All I can say to you guys is that this post probably isn’t for you. Continue reading