Defiance – Followup Post

Thanks guys, so much, for all the wonderful, constructive and flattering comments on my last post.

One big massive comment reply. Ready for it? Here goes!

@David Bickley

Thanks for your thoughts. The idea for the project isn’t just defying gravity, it’s defiance in general or surreal or… just things that don’t seem right. Though the post does say gravity… haha

I went through and removed the hand, as you can see now. 🙂 It was pretty easy to do. I couldn’t decide if I liked it there or not, definitely know now that it’s better w/o!

P.S. Did you get my email last week?


Looking forward to the concert!


Yeah there really is a lot going on in that picture! I want to do some more pics like that. I kept looking for a seesaw (teeter-totter) but I couldn’t find one out here! Crazy huh? I had a really cool idea for one of those. Oh well.


As usual, overflowing with kindness and wonderful, thoughtful comments.

The swing set picture was actually taken at around midnight! The light appears to be a sunset from the use of an extended exposure. That picture was a three minute exposure!

Yeah, climbing up to that door was hella scary! There really aren’t any stairs!


Whether you’re on KATG, Twitter or my blog, you always make me laugh out loud!



My professor really likes my idea (whew) and I’m excited to stage some more fun, gravity and time defying scenes.  If anyone wants to model in them for me, lemme know!

Here are a few more from last night.  Again, thanks Micheal for being such a great model/sport.

If you have any suggestions of other things that defy logic, gravity, time etc etc… please let me know in a comment.  I have a few other ideas but I need a total of at least 20 really great pictures for this project.

Defying Gravity

Yet another idea for my photo project.  My professor wants me do to more of what I’ve been doing.  Said that I already have a style that is effortlessly dramatic (not always a good thing!) and that there isn’t anything technical that I can improve on.

In otherwords, just be creative.  Don’t worry about the rules, it’s time to break them.  Fun right?  Haha, well I’m pretty straight laced so breaking rules isn’t something that gets me going.

But… what rule is more fun to break than gravity?!  I bring you the pics from last night’s/this morning’s photoshoot.  Big thanks to Ryan and SUPER BIG thanks to Micheal for all of their help.  You will see Micheal a lot in these pics.

I’d love to know what you think!  I plan to take tons more pictures like this.  Not just defying gravity, but time, logic, reality… Just anything that seems not quite right