Scouts – Blue Bird Festival

Went to the Scouts and Let Lions concert at Eastside Friday night.  Max was there and I met @cassiewowczuk from Twitter.  Had a great time, Scouts was awesome and the other bands weren’t too bad either.

Chase and Corey were wearing these bad ass tees they made for the night.

This kid was cute and the band was interesting, but apparently hard to work with.  Nothing more off putting than being divas, especially when you’re just from St. Louis…

Sounded like Hellogoodbye mixed with Radiohead (ish)

I believed we called the next band, My Chemical Douchbags.  For real… They were ok, good for radio play but they definitely were not the rock and roll they promised.  Of course, their outfits were hard to live up to… yikes.

Gossip Girl Night

Micheal came over today for some Gossip Girl and to have dinner and wine.  The idea was Indian and Rieseling but due to the Indian place we like closing a couple of hours early, we were forced to enjoy Bangkok Gardens.  Thanks to Micheal for treating me to dinner, it was yum!

We met this awesome girl named Biaca Sammy Sam Samantha who was eating some Thai at the bar.  She works for a local company as a receptionist and was just about as cute as a button.

She seemed facinated with Micheal and I, of course she would be haha.  Of course, I was probably just as facinated with her.  I love meeting really fun and loving people like Samantha.  Yay!  She actually reminded me of the waitress Ryan and I had last Valentines in Kansas City at the amazing vegetarian restaurant, Eden’s Alley.

Shout out to Samantha!

After picking up the Thai and heading home, we started up the AppleTV and got our Gossip Girl on.  I love how we both agreed on every aspect of the show, the good and the bad.  We found ourselves making the same comments about outfits and plot point at the same time.  Awesome.

I have yoga in the morning with Max and then class and then yoga again and then lunch and then I’m meeting with my photography professor just to chit chat.  Looking forward to that, kinda.

So anyways, a really fun night, sorry I missed out on having a drink with you Karen!  Next time, I promise!  Oh and really looking forward to Saturday.

Night night!

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Homesick in Houston

It has only been like 30 hours since I left Columbia and I can’t believe it but I’m homesick!

I went on Back to My Mac, which by the way, always works for me and checked in on my apartment using Photo Booth.

I use the PrePane hack, Secrets, to do some extra fun things with MobileMe’s Back to My Mac, you should all get it, btw.

Here’s the picture I got from Photo Booth.

I really need to take hots of the apartment with the new furniture, sorry I didn’t do that before I left.

Anyways, looking at a live shot of my apartment made me all sad that I wasn’t there.  I want to see my fish, I want to enjoy my 55″ HDTV and I want to gaze into my 24″ iMac and ponder over government homework or what I should blog about next.

Never did I ever think I would miss Columbia, and maybe I don’t, I just miss my apartment.  I love my apartment.  It is big, it is clean, it is decorated, it is well equipped from the kitchen to the entertainment.  It has 8 bottles of tasty wine waiting for me.  I just spent $180 buying groceries that are waiting to be eaten.

The floors I just waxed and the new couch and chairs need to be worn in.  I have only slept one night on my new bed!

But all of it is nothing when I keep it to myself.  Happiness is nothing if not shared and with Ryan out of town, I can’t really share so much of it; but he returns Monday and I return Friday.

Well, I guess Micheal will keep the fish company, I miss him too.  And Jeremy, and Max, and Brittany.  And Kaldi’s and Starbucks.

I will have to find a way to keep myself occupied here.  With my closest friend in Houston now in Seoul Korea, I can’t see him when I visit and I miss him so.  We were best friends through high school helping each other out in so many different ways and through all the moves and the distance and the changes in our lives, we are every bit as close as ever.

Except that he’s in Seoul Korea and I’m in Houston, alone.

Wow, I need to get my head straight!  I’m in Houston, I love this city.

Downtown Houston Skyline

Downtown Houston Skyline

Let’s go out in the world, maybe buy something for my camera, maybe eat something totally delicious.  Stop personifying my apartment, no matter how much I love you.

Now if Chase could maybe make another trip down here from Columbia, I’d have a buddy with whom I’d waste time and money and enjoy every second of it.

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There’s Custard in the Icebox

Micheal, Maximilien, Ryan and I took a detour from our day of detours (you know, the day I should have been preparing for my trip) and went to the south side of town for some Andy’s Custard and a trip to The Devil’s Icebox to burn off at least a little of what we would consume at Andy’s.

The custard was delicious.  The cold chill of our tasty delight was a welcome to the hot and humid air choking us every moment outside.  It almost made up for it.  Almost.

After we devoured our custard we drove down to The Devil’s Icebox.  It was so beautiful and, while hot, bearable the closer we got the caves. Icy cool breezes juxtaposed to the heavy air around us were a welcomed feature of the steps leading down towards the darkness of the cave.

Once there a chill surrounded us, wrapped us in its long, thin arms.  WIth the sun setting and since we had no flash lights or anything more than flip flops on, we were forced to turn around and head back to the sultry environment above.

For some reason, probably because Micheal and Ryan are little boys at heart, we ran back to the car slowing only when our feet met the slimy, wet slate steps to the bridge.

We drove a little further down the road before we headed back to town, meeting around a dozen, or more, little bunnies, as we drove.

It was a fun night, and even though I should have been gathering, packing and running errands, it was worth it.

P.S., waiting on pics from Micheal 😉

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Mama’s Boy

Last night, Micheal, Max and I watched the movie, Mama’s Boy starring Diane Keaton who looked absolutely fabulous and Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite).  Perhaps the best part was Jeff Daniels (aka Uncle Joey from Full House) and Laura Knightlinger from the most awesome show, The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman.

It’s a movie about a 29 year old kid living at home with his widowed mother, his attachment to her, his nepotism, and his inability to socialize with others.  Basically, it is about my ex boyfriend Seth.  Seriously though, we really enjoyed the movie.

We all really liked it.  You should rent it, and then let me borrow it so I can rip it.  haha.  We rented it in HD off my AppleTV.  The movie paired with some “cheap” good veggie pizza equals awesome.

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