YSo I have this photo project to work on tonight, I MUST get at least a few good shots out of it.

It’s called Private and my idea are things that are meant to be private or are otherwise kept private.  We talked about the public photo project, now I’ve gotta do private.

Ideas are as follows.

  • Suicide – bathtub cutter, laying on floor with pills, etc etc
  • Depression – someone crying, opening medicine cabinet full of RX’s
  • Abuse – black eye, crying next to spouse in bed…
  • Drug addiction – medicine cabinet idea, syringes and tourniquet, paraphernalia, generally cracked out looking
  • Pregnancy – girl looking at test, possible crying in next to spouse in bed
  • Death – general, left alone, fall down a flight of stairs suffering etc
  • Eating disorder/body dysmorphia

Etc etc, you get the point (other ideas welcome).  I have limitations to getting models and locations to do it as well as time and props but I’ll have to do my best.

One friend of mine suggested I find pictures to show the models so they know what to do, or draw pictures.  I’m a terrible artist.  Here’s what I drew for suicide in the bathtub.  Enjoy?

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