Restoring Faith

One of the benefits of having a blog like this comes from the interaction I get from my readers, both the regulars and then more sporadic ones.

I would like to thank all of your for your supportive and inspiring words today either through comments on this blog or through Twitter (@justex07).

Through your comments I have come to realize that it shouldn’t matter what other people think, if they are capable or willing to show enthusiasm for my future.  That I should follow my heart, do what makes me happy without being destructive.

So, as soon as I am able to, I will apply to graduate school at Yale, Stanford and UCSF.  If I get in, what an incredible opportunity.  If that doesn’t work out then there are other options.  Work for, or run a photo studio.  Take over the company I’ve been doing work for over the past ten years through one facet or another.

I guess I’m lucky, I have options ahead of me and the chance to make a choice.

Thanks for helping me realize that.

Again I’ll end with a few more pictures of mine which have never been put online.  Sometimes going back through your catalog of pictures can be fun.  Even if they aren’t any good, it helps remember where you came from.

This one doesn’t fit with the other two but I like it, not sure why.  Just not a picture I’d typically take.

Time to get back to work on a paper.  Thanks again.