Feeling Much Better Now

A short while back I wrote about a doctor appointment gone horribly wrong. In that post I chronicled my experience at the University Physicians Urgent Care where a doctor insisted that I had a “viral fungal” infection, that I probably had never had a bacterial sinus infection and that all the diagnostic tests I’ve had that had confirmed various things regarding my health were totally wrong.

By glancing at the dark circles under my eyes, she claimed she was able to diagnose this viral, fungal infection, that it was chronic and that I probably have had it for some time now. In reality, I just wasn’t sleeping enough.

She insisted that an antibiotic would do me no good. That I wouldn’t start feeling better for seven to nine more days before saying “I will write whatever prescription you want, what do you want? I don’t think you should take anything but if you insist, I will write whatever you want.”

And now that nine days have passed since my initial appointment I felt an update was in order. Twenty-four hours after my first dose of the antibiotic I requested and I was feeling dramatically better.

Just goes to show that sometimes you know more about your body than the doctor you’re paying to treat it.