Mizzou Obama Rally Video

Video c/o KOMU.  What a wonderful service, they allow you to download their stories.  Unfortunately they are Windows Media Video files (wmv) which is absolutely horrendous.  I’ve converted it into a Flash Video (flv) file and put it up for you to enjoy.

Ch-ch-ch-check it out 🙂

[flv:Obama_Mizzou.flv 500 375]

Mizzou Obama Rally

Apparently you had to line up for the Obama Rally at 9:00am to get a good spot… That’s 12 and a half hours before he even was to take the stage!  I got there at 6:00pm and here’s what the line looked like.  Apparently the total was around 40,000 people, though some estimates go up to 65,000!

And apparently there were some 16 charter buses on the way!  Basically a freaking ton of people were all anxious to see Barack Obama speak.  As I type this I can hear the cheers and music from the quad, it sounds like victory to me!

Here’s a few pics of all the people waiting.

I hung out with the media folk for a while.  With my camera, lenses and tripod, I totally fit in.  Might have even gotten to go further into the rally area if I’d stuck with them but I wandered too far out and the cops sent me across the street.  Apparently you need real credentials haha.

Oh, and of all the people there, I only saw two guys who were for McCain/Palin.  Oh, yeah, you could totally tell too, besides the Obama is a socialist t-shirt… look at that face!  Holy moly…

Yikes right?!

Micheal, Ryan and I walked around, bumped into a few friends but ultimately decided not to stay for the event seeing as we probably wouldn’t even see Obama from where our standing room only spot would be.

I really don’t think there is anyway 50,000 people could fit in the area they designated.

We went to Flat Branch for appetizers instead. I bumped into one of my fellow photography peers.  Her photography is absolutely amazing.  I’m always amazed at how incredible and personal her pictures are.  Stunning stuff.  What’s great though is that she saw me first and told her boyfriend and buddy that I was a really awesome photographer in her class… Wow, so cool.  She’s better haha.

We had a great time, then we headed back to my apartment where we are currently watching the zombie movie, 28 Days Later.  I’ve never seen it, it’s pretty decent though 🙂

Fun night!

Finally, A Real Student

The first week of classes is almost up and I just finally have a real schedule.  I’m taking 19 hours of courses but will have a surprisingly short time of actually being IN class.  One class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and just two on Tuesday and Thursday.  There are online courses and weekend courses and the ones on Tuesday and Thursday are 90 minutes and the other is 180 minutes.

Not that many actual classes but they sure are long!

So glad classes finally got sorted out.  Sad that I have yet ANOTHER year at Mizzou… They add a year for every year I’m here, I swear.

Tomorrow morning I get all of my books and can start doing my homework.  Oh, and I get to buy another calculator!  That makes five since starting at Mizzou.

Ryan got back in town today, he had been gone for what seemed like a lifetime.  It was wonderful to see him again, hold him and be all lovey dovey.  Oh how I missed him!

Now I guess it is time for me to leave Starbucks and get home.  There have been some really strong storms here tonight which kept me from wanting to plug in at home and was making my internet all sorts of unreliable.

Starbucks has a massive surge suppressor and the internet is battery backed up.  Sweetness.  The parking spot that I normally put my car into was pretty unfortunate tonight.  A huge oak tree was blown over and crashed onto the car that took my place there.  Wow, I avoided car destruction for once!

Here’s another storm shot from my window.

And with that, I’m outta here.  Time for some sleep, gonna wake up early tomorrow.  So far I’ve been really good about getting up and getting ready for class early in the day.  I hate being rushed!

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Take to the Lake 2008

I’m here at the Lake of the Ozarks with my fraternity brothers. We have been having a great time just shooting the shit, drinking, getting kicked out of bars, waking up early, going onto the lake, getting breakfast, bitching about stuff, bathing in the sun, go-carting through the storms, bar-b-quing, drinking some more, try our vices and… sitting by the pool.


Oh and today Geoffrey and I went shopping at the outlet mall.  We went to J. Crew, Brooks Brothers, The Gap, Banana Republic, you know the usual gay shopping excursion suspects.  I didn’t get too much but Geoffrey got quite a bit at Ralph Lauren.  I just got one pair of khaki pants haha.

I wasn’t actually looking forward so much to going. I have a lot of stuff to get done in not a lot of time, school, work, scheduling classes, traveling for work and for fun, it’s just a busy time. But boy and I glad that I went.


Last night we went to Risky’s, did some fun karaoke, drank the first hour free… I guess that’s what probably lead to us getting kicked out. Oops.


Today was more civil. I’m sad that I’m leaving tomorrow but I guess all great things must end. Acacia is in a new generation and in all the changes I guess I lost what I had with these brothers. I hope to hang out with my alumni brothers more often, especially those that live in Columbia.

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One More Reason Mizzou Sucks

Has this ever happened before finals?  Do we ever have hot guys and girls running around campus in nothing but their skivvies?  I see now why Joseph went to ASU, good choice my man, good choice.

[flv:ASU_Strip.flv 550 310]

I want to transfer.  Warm weather, clear skies, an Urban Outfitters, real clubs and best of all… half naked students running through campus.  Fierce.

No one has this much fun during finals week.

Bill Clinton Visits MizzouRec

I met Beau and Chadd at the Hillary Clinton rally yesterday here at Mizzou. Hill’s wasn’t there but Bill went in her place. He gave a fantastic speech and just really sold Hillary. She’s got my vote come Super Tuesday!

It was is crazy to think that this guy lead us to America’s strongest years since I have been alive and that afterwards working for so many philanthropic groups.

I bumped into several friends at the even, Geoff, John, Chad… and I even saw Mark and his beau Sam.

After his wonderful speech, Bill greeted the crowd signing books and fliers and, well anything people could get autographed.

I actually got to shake his hand a few times and even got a hug! Yes, I got to hug Bill Clinton.

I can die happy now. 😉

As we were leaving the event, KOMU took time to interview Chadd and Beau.

The full photostream is available here and a slide show with two hundred shots (I was fighting 1256 people and about 40 press…) can be viewed over here.