Scouts with An Horse and Appleseed Cast


Went to Scout’s last concert here in Columbia on Friday. They played with An Horse and Appleseed Cast at Mojo’s.

The concert was great, love hearing their new stuff, though I do miss some of their old songs… Glad I have the CD I guess.  I didn’t take too many pictures there, seems like since I have like 12gb of Scouts pictures, any more would just be ridiculous.

Here are a few I did take though.

Chase recovers from a Brumski! LoL

Appleseed Cast

This time, and for his very first time, Josh (@brooding_soul) joined me for the Scouts concert.  It was great having him come with me and hanging out later. What a fun night.

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Scouts at MoJo’s Pub Crawl

Micheal met me the other night for the Scouts concert at MoJo’s.  It was the same night as the Pub Crawl and just a day before the Blues festival here… Basically a lot of booze in a little amount of time for this city.  Awesome.

Aaaaanyways Scouts at MoJo’s with Micheal.

If you haven’t been to a Scouts concert, you don’t know what you’re missing.  (What a stupid phrase but you know what I mean…)

And since most of you haven’t been able to go see Scouts in concert, how about you get to listen to them off the radio.