Goodbye Houston…

Downtown Houston Sunset

Downtown Houston Texas

It’s pretty crazy to think how long I’ve been away from Columbia and Ryan and the rest of my friends.  While I’ve had a great to amazing time here in Texas, it is time for me to go home and get ready for the upcoming semester, as well as act on all the job opportunities I’ve been given, before I’m totally overwhelmed and don’t complete any of them…… rutroh.

I drove to Rockport Texas in a last minute effort to squeeze a little more out of my time here.  There I visited with my cousins, David, Susan and Katie.  David has got to be one of my best friends in the world.  The only person who I’ve ever gotten along with so well that we’ve never had a disagreement or argument.  We grew up as best friends, moved to California together and have continued to maintain a great, though sadly quite distant, relationship.  It was so wonderful to see the three of them, though I really do wish Stephanie, the fourth in this cluster of cousins, could have been there.

We made dinner, I baked a cake and we had a totally random, Cake and a Movie Night.  It was just such a wonderful, relaxing and emotionally fulfilling time together.

Tomorrow morning… well, in 9 hours, I’ll be heading to the airport to fly into Columbia.  I should probably get myself to sleep but the anxiety of the day ahead of me is nearly too much for me to handle!  An ambien would be wonderful right about now.

It isn’t just the stress of so much work to get done when I get home, it’s also the excitement of seeing Ryan, Chadd, Karen, Laura, Eric, Josh, Pheobe, Max Brittany… (@kaleb1983, @chadd65203, @ok2baprincess, @bigred77, @ericcox, @brooding_soul, @fotofobe, @madmax69 @aurablush) and the news that Chase, Corey (@clettenberg, @coreyschmidt) and Sam will be (fingers crossed) moving back to Columbia.

I’ll just have to take it all head on… starting in 8 or so hours.  Until then, goodnight!

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Update from the Hill Country

My brother gets married in two days.  It is really exciting and nerve wracking.  I can only imagine what my brother and Lisa are feeling right now.  I cannot wait to someday go through the very same emotions as those two.

Tomorrow night… well I guess tonight now, I will be giving a toast to my brother.  I guess this is what has me so anxious.  I am not always a great speaker in front of large groups of people.  When I have my confidence with me, I can speak to tens, hundreds of people with great stride.  However, tonight is different.  This is my one chance to express all the love I have for both my brother Patrick and Lisa in about five minutes.

Not only is it impossible to condense my love to five minutes, but to properly express it in front of all of those people, to make it funny and interesting…  Yikes.

But it really isn’t about me.  It’s about them.  Looking around at the scenery however, you’d think it was the hill country’s weekend to shine.

Well, I should get to bed, get some sleep for the semi big day right before the actual big day.  We have a lot to do. All the tuxes are the wrong size, the table cloths are the wrong color and we’re hosting the whole thing.  Plus, I kinda dropped my iPhone and damaged him up a good bit.  The standby button is jammed, not a good thing.

Alright friends, time for sleep.  Much Love!