For All My Kiwis

I’m not really sure how many New Zealand readers I have here.  Actually, I do know. It’s 91.

Nevertheless, PayPerPost wanted me to spread the word about this new service, KiwiSelect.  They help make this blog possible by sponsoring it through advertisements on the blog.

Interested in saving money, I went to the site kiwisaver and played around with it a bit.



The service is beautiful to play around with and allows you to easily calculate how much money you can save by retirement based on your age and “attitude”.  The site allows you to choose an investment risk profile, choose a fund manager, and then to apply online for the best fund choice and pretty much finishes up the whole deal.

If the service is as easy to fully implement as it seems, I say it’s a slam dunk.  Do wish there was something out here, in the United States, that worked similarly.  So far I don’t know of any.  But a quick check with this site had me with $406,000 by retirement age!  That’s not too shabby.

Plus, this whole deal is government backed, to me that’s a good thing, while at the same time it’s free and independently owned.  What more could you ask for?  Plus, whoever did their site certainly had an eye for style.

We need people to save more and prepare for the economies we are in today.  KiwiSelect is a move in the right direction.

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