Meeting the One and Only Skylor

One of the downsides to making friends through social media is common issue with knowing just how you “met”. Did I follow you and you follow me back or the other way around? Did I like something you said that was retweeted or did someone #FollowFriday you or otherwise recommend that I follow you? Someone should make an app that figures this out for us. Tracks the first mention of another user by your handle and treat that as first contact.

SkylorThat’s where I find myself as I think back at Skylor. I feel like we have been following each other on Twitter for years, yet I cannot for the life of me remember how we met. At the time Skylor was living in Washington DC and I was visiting Landon somewhat regularly there but we never met on any of those trips.

After years of talking to each other online, we finally met in person on my last day in Orlando.

Corey and I headed to Hue Restaurant just on the outskirts of Orlando’s downtown area where we anticipated the arrival of Skylor. Upon his arrival our waitress turned on her best awkward turtle. Whether she was standing silently behind Skylor or giving each of us multiple sets of silverware, girlfriend was hilariously awkward. Continue reading

My Florida Travels Overview

So the last ten days or so have been pretty crazy. It all started with a flight from San Francisco to Austin on the ninth. There I prepared for a series of meetings with business connections and hopefully potential opportunities for new business. Those meetings were to be had in San Antonio, so shortly after arriving in the Austin area I was headed out. Continue reading

Catching up on a few things

I was thinking today about how much I have to catch people up on. Even though my life isn’t super exciting or anything, I often put out these quick short stories and get so distracted that I never follow up on them. So here we go. Continue reading