New Paint – The Pics

I have been lazy uploading pictures of my living room, first, let’s compare my workstation.




Results of New Paint

I know, it’s kind of stark, especially in the following pics, but it really brightens up the place, makes it seem even larger and will let me hang out my artwork without needing to match colors, etc etc.

Off to the living room.

Results of New Paint

And the hallways.

Results of New Paint

MUCH brighter, cleaning and nicer.  I can’t wait to hang some of my own artwork as well as other pieces of art that will probably be a lot better than mine 😉


Dad and I painted the living room today.  We didn’t finish but we got pretty close.  I am going from a dark orange and brown scheme (yick) to a bright white trim with creamy walls.

DSC_8991    DSC_8992


It will be so much brighter in here and I imagine it will make the room seem larger and happier.  That’s the hope at least.

My parents come here and paint, it’s just what they do!