My First Gallery Show

I have been given the opportunity to have my very first gallery show at the Perlow-Stevens Gallery.  By the beginning of next week, I have to have a presentation together to show them my work and discuss pricing etc etc.  I was hoping for a one or two day show but it sounds like they might want to do a four is six WEEK show, which is incredible.

Certainly most of you know about my photography website, also available at if you like short URLs.

You can all help me with this tremendously by choosing your, say, six favorite images of mine.  While not all of my work is on that site, a majority of the finished work is.  If there is something missing that you’ve seen in my TwitPic stream or on this site, you can leave it as a comment on this blog.

The best way to help me is to leave a comment in this blog post, logged into your Facebook or Twitter account, with the links to my photography blog whose page the photo sits.

If you sign in with your Twitter name or Facebook and I’ll get the message in multiple places and it will hopefully allow your Twitter/Facebook friends to also see the post and maybe put in their help.

Using your twitter account and posting as a comment on this blog post is the absolute best way to help me out, spreads the word and hopefully get other people to join in.  Plus I can find everything in one place haha.

If you want to do it directly from Twitter, do the same, post the links (you can use short URLs of course) and just add the hashtag #PSGS for… Perlow-Stevens Gallery Show.

(or with short URLs, wow this is simple!)

This would be a HUGE help for me as I take my first step into the fine art photography world with my very own gallery show.  And if you are in Columbia, and the show works out as hoped, you really MUST come to the opening and the closing.  The closing will be a grand affair and both should have a champagne toast.  We all love booze right?!

Thanks again and please share with all your friends.