I Wants to Ride My Bicycle

Yeah, I said “wants”.

Went out with Scouts to do a photoshoot.  It was fucking freezing.  I am looking forward to doing another, more organized photoshoot soon so we can actually get everyone in the shot at once haha.

It was a lot of fun though, took a shit ton of pictures but haven’t had time to process any yet.  Well except those above which I just white balanced and did some exposure work.  For whatever reason I just don’t have a lot of colorspace to edit them. I think it’s the nature of the shot and the time of day was all off. I wanna do it again around 4pm at Cooper’s Landing. Beautiful sunlight there/then.

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Acacia Dungeon Photoshoot

Holy schmoley!

Last night was the best night ever.

Tony Tripoli, @artipoli on twitter, and I have been talking about doing a photoshoot together for a long time now and finally, last night, it happened.  I set up a photoshoot at my fraternity‘s frat house here in Columbia.  Yeah, I’m in a frat.  Technically, I’m an alumnus of Acacia Fraternity, the best fraternity there ever was!

Anyways, the house is a hot mess of haunted dungeons and “nah nah” rooms and dry saunas and hallways made for a Stephen King movie.


Tony brought his business partner and all around awesome guy, Alex, and some wireless flash triggers and a Nikon SB-800.  He also invited a fabulous model for the shoot, Roxie or Roxiedanger on Twitter.

And finally, Corey, who has been so helpful this entire semester with my photo projects, joined in.

We were a motley crew of artists.

The shoot was like magic.  We got a ton of shots done so quickly… until that Gumby’s Pizza break that slowed us down by two hours.  How the hell….

Here’s a teaser of what we did.  Click to view a larger version from the photoblog.

I’m posting the pics to my photoblog, JustinMooreScott.com.  Be sure to check them out and leave some comments there!

And once again, I cannot thank these wonderful people enough for their help.  Not only did they provide their bodies to me (he he…) to photograph, they also had incredible suggestions for pictures and helped me conquer some complicated setups.

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Not Really Duality But…

[Update…ish] People in my photo class really liked the pics 🙂  Even though it doesn’t fit my idea of duality.  They said I don’t have to be so strict with how I construct a photo. 🙂

So we had the idea but it didn’t really come to fruition.  Still we had a fun time taking pics!  Thanks guys for letting me blind you with 2300 watts of light for so long.  I need a set though.  Ryan reminded me we have a garage.

So, I think I’m going to turn our garage into a photo studio.  Thoughts?  It would be perfect!  Just need to get a background stand that can hold like a 10×10 or 10×20 canvas of white or black.  Black is what I wanted tonight.  I really need to get that set up.

Here are some random shots.  No photoshopping yet cause… I need to be sleeping.  Again, I am not sure I will be able to use these on this project; I’m just so torn as what to do for it.  Argh!  Why does this have to be my final project that I go blank on?

Now I give you the pictures from the shoot.  Plus one of Micheal in front of the setup and then one of my bedroom right now.  I should be asleep but it’s those damn light lines from my blinds that got me to post this!  You’ll see 🙂  Click the pics to enlarge and navigate through the shoot.

Duality/Split Personality

So… Another photo project idea.  It’s like my sixth so far… I need to concentrate huh?  I need pictures!!!

I want to capture the duality of people’s lives.  Chase inspired this idea.  So, for instance, we have people that have lots of tattoos but for their day job they cover up these tattoos.  So we have two pics, one dressed up for work/school and another dressed down for going out or hanging out.

Then there is internal duality, which is even more interesting.  Someone who is incredibly extroverted but in reality, is closed up and feels alone.

A few flickr photographers captured what I want to do, here are two examples.

This first one is by Randall Cottrell.

Here is one by Rodrigo Benavides.

What do you think?  There were many more I wanted to show but they weren’t bloggable from Flickr.  Grrr.  I’m doing some of this photoshoot tonight so if you wanna join in, Twitter me, call me, Facebook me or email me!

Wine and Cheese Bistro Photoshoot

I did a photoshoot today at the Wine and Cheese Bistro featuring Chef Cyr and his dish, Seared Scallop with Spring Asparagus and Apple Cider Country Ham Vinaigrette.  Yes, quite the mouthful.

Micheal and I went to the Wine and Cheese Bistro a few weeks ago and were definitely not impressed.  We had a good time but the salad was weak and the cheese tray a disappointment.  I guess we just ordered the wrong things because the dish that Chef Cyr delivered to the table today was beautiful and if it tasted as good as it smelled, incredible.

The lighting in there wasn’t so great.  Was hoping to use the “natural” light in the restaurant but had a sneaky suspicion that I wasn’t going to get that option.  The combination of overhead, low wattage incandescent lights with the green tinted sunlight streaming in the windows… yuck.  Green faces and orange foreheads.

Here’s what I had taking a shot of the area before adding my lights.


Then, we turn on the left light and see what that looks like.  It is a 650w light bouncing off a white light screen.


Let’s try the right light.  It’s a 1000w light shining through a softbox to diffuse the light.


Put them together and this is what you get!  1650 watts of lighting power!  Muhahahaha!!!


Click below to see all four combined and larger

So here are a few shots of the dish and Chef Cyr.  He was a fantastic sport getting his picture taken.

Click above picture to enlarge


I had a fun time taking the pictures and he was fun to talk to while I did the portraits.  I wish I had another softbox so I could close the aperture a little more to decrease the depth of field but, oh well.  Sure looks a lot better than what I started out with!  Just goes to show the necessity of good lighting.

Oh, and that I’m a huge nerd… 😉

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