My Photography Site, Reborn

Photography is something that I am absolutely passionate about. I’m can’t think of a legitimate reason for why I don’t write about photography and art here on my site but perhaps that is something I need to look into. Meanwhile, I did want to let you guys know that my photography site is finally back online.

Back in 2008 I started my photoblog/gallery Piczar Photo. It was a pun on the obvious, Pixar, and the idea of being a “Photography Czar”. I think the joke was mostly lost on visitors to the site but that didn’t stop them from visiting. Between 2008 and 2011 my photography site found around 5,000 hits a month. Not a huge amount of traffic but enough to keep me posting regularly. Being in an active photography program at the University of Missouri certainly helped as well.

Sometime in 2010 my site was hit with a massive amount of traffic. I’m not sure if it was StumbleUpon or Reddit or a bot net but the traffic managed to corrupt my site’s PixelPost database and spell the end of Piczar Photo. I tried to relaunch it as part of It’s Just Justin but ultimately felt it was important to keep my photography posts distinct from the posts you find on this blog.

Well after years of dormancy, my site is back up and with a new motto, “Photography without filter.” Take that Instagram hehe. It is no longer Piczar Photo (that URL will forward eventually) but it’s back and it’s sort of better than ever. I’m now on a WordPress installation instead of PixelPost and my site has a responsive design (go ahead, resize the window). It isn’t perfect but I’m always working to make it better. If you haven’t already checked it out, here’s some of my latest work:

I am doing my best to upload a new photo at least once a week and sometimes I get on a crazy kick and get a photo up each day. I hope you find the time to visit the site at either or I would be remiss if I didn’t say thanks to David for helping me record a basic template to make the site fit my needs. David had a more hands-off approach this time around which is why it isn’t perfect but it would have been a mess had he not been so kind as to look at and help modify some code.

Right now I’m uploading photos from my trip to the Middle East and sprinkling in a few photos from other adventures. If you want to keep up with my photography, subscribe to my photo RSS feed and remember you can always click the Photography link at the top of It’s Just Justin.

As I have done with every site I run, this site features Livefyre for comments. Comments on my photography are incredibly important to me and how I grow my art. Back in college I had critiques with a professor and fellow students. Their insight and guidance helped direct me into the style of photography I shoot these days. It was truly invaluable. I hope you find the time and are able to share your thoughts on my work.

The Potential is Boundless

I started an account with BoundlessGallery today.  This site will allow me to sell my photography in a really unique and simple way.

They handle the money aspect, allowing shopping carts and I just set the price and printing options for the pictures, figure shipping and they do the tax and setup the gallery.

There are a ton of options out there but this one seemed to be the best one for me.  Plus I found a coupon that made it even cheaper.  I’ll post my affiliate coupon here soon.  My account is still being certified but should be finished within 72 hours.  Once certified you can browse the artwork, which is all available for your viewing and commenting pleasure, at PiczarPhoto.

As I move pictures availability for purchase to BorderlyGallery, I will create a link on the PiczarPhoto page of each work.

I’m very excited at the prospect of actually making money from my photography, now that I have the professional tools to capture, edit and print the pictures.

Once my account is certified, you will be able to view my profile at and my porfolio at

I look forward to fulfilling the requests I’ve gotten for prints!  Yay for monetizing something I love.

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In Case You Missed It 2

New photos are being published to  You should head on over there and let me know what you think.  Three up already, about six more to go.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy them.

Crewdson Home

Oh and I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a HUGE thanks to Brittany for all of her help yesterday.  She spent a few hours looking over my shoulder as I edited pictures giving me some really inspiring ideas and keeping me from going absolutely crazy.  Check out her blog!

And to Micheal for his help finishing the last two prints, and for checking out the new show My Own Worst Enemy with me… the jury is still out on that show.  Check out his blog too!

Another Busy Week

Last week was pretty darn busy but this week… THIS week is going to be even busier.  But that’s ok, as long as I stay on track I should have no trouble getting my shit done and making some good grades.  So far nothing but perfect scores, though I am not positive what I got on my Photography project though I imagine I got an A though… haha

My next project is titled “Private”.  Last time it was “Public”.  For this upcoming project to I have been thinking something dark.  The setting, for all of it if I can, would be my bathroom.  It’s a pretty cool bathroom, all black and white so any color would really stick out.  Private moments, like…

  • Girl waiting for pregnancy test results
  • Suicide
  • Someone opening the door to the medicine cabinet full of RX’s
  • Someone with an eating disorder on a scale
  • Someone sick over the toilet
  • Someone crying

Those sorts of things… Any suggestions?

While you think on that, here’s the latest from

Time for bed. Yoga in the morning with Max.  Look forward to comments with suggestions!

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