In Case You Missed It 5

If you haven’t stopped by the photoblog recently, please do! I’ve added a few pics and will be adding more over the rest of the week. Here’s one that will be put up soon.

It was taken for my last photo critique which was to take pictures in the style of Wong Kar-wai films.

Got me into Wong Kar-wai which makes me so very happy. What an incredible filmmaker.

Thanks for checking it out! Love your comments.

In Case You Missed It 4

Moving my site from PiczarPhoto to the new address ( and moving the pictures over (still a work in progress) has been a pretty big ordeal.  However, the new site has some really fun features and the navigation is much faster.  I hope you can get a chance to go over there and check out the newest pics.

This week alone I’ve uploaded around ten new pictures.  Ten pictures that never made it to PiczarPhoto!  These are new to everyone, even me to some degree.

Again, thanks for visiting, giving me feedback and being awesome.  It’s what keeps me taking pics and updating the site!  Oh, and last week I sold my first print.  It was such an awesome feeling.

Catch you around!

New Photoblog

After a several weeks of my PiczarPhoto site being incredibly slow and much research, I decided to move from the WordPress and Yet Another Photo Blog (YAPB) plugin system for something especially made for photography blogging.

So with no further adeu, my new PixelPost photoblog.

The system is both faster to browse and faster to manage.  It isn’t as beautiful on the backend as WordPress but the speed is so much better and the number of plugins to increase its functionality are endless.

Check out the new site and start leaving comments there.  I am going to work this week to move everything from PiczarPhoto to the new site, along with comments (one at a time).  Once everything is moved over, I’ll redirect to go to

I am very excited about this new option for me and can’t wait to see you guys over there!  I cannot express enough how much I appreciate your comments and critique.  You cannot become a better photographer without studying other people’s work and taking criticism, both good and bad.

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The Incinerator

Ryan and I took some more pics last night for my new photo project, diverging from the floating and flying and opting for more Hitchcock-esque scenes.

Ryan modeled for me but drew the line at going into the incinerator.  Something about the whole being Jewish and not wanting to climb into a chamber for fire.  I understood.

Here’s a taste of what we did, I will be posting all of the new photos to PiczarPhoto today.  I promise (or at least I’ll do my best haha)

There are a few more still and I’ve got tons more to take before I’m finished with this project.  I absolutely live for comments and critiques so have at it.  Thanks friends.

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