The Great Debate

Or, the night Justin drank himself into a tizzy.

The night started off normal enough.  I had my television finally setup to receive high definition broadcasts just in time for the final presidential debateChase came over to watch it with me, along with a 40 of Pabst Blue Ribbon.  I took to a bottle of red wine.


We started the drinking and the debate, it was a great one.  By far the best presidential debate we’ve seen this political season.  After I finished my bottle of wine and Chase finished his 40 ounces of PBR, we decided it was time to switch to white wine.  Jeremy came over for a bit but had to go back to studying.

About this time Corey came over.  He wasn’t feeling any drinking so we just watched the rest of the debate and printed a picture for him on my new printer.  Chase and I however, took after that bottle of white.



Shortly after that picture, Chase went all out and took the camera for a bit to get some pics.  He had the crazy in his eye, as you can see…


So I let him have it his way haha.


140 pictures later… LoL I guess someone figured it was “take pictures of Corey time” because that’s what we did.  Poor Corey, having to deal with our drunk asses.  But the pictures came out nicely 🙂


And Corey as Jesus…


Look at those eyes!  Am I the only one who thinks he at least a little bit resembles Christ?  Hmmmm

Then we add Chase to the mix.


Awe, what an adorable couple 😉

Now is when things get a little fuzzy.  After my 1.5 bottles of wine and Chase’s 40/ half bottle of wine, we break off from Corey who went home to bed, and headed out to hit the town; but not before I could drunk blog.

First we went to No Gas (which is a gas station downtown that doesn’t sell gas) where we bumped into some homeless guys.  One had just been released from the ER.  Being a former emergency room employee and just finishing an episode of House earlier in the night, I took it as my duty to examine the wound…

Apparently he had been stabbed, twice, in the back near his shoulders.  Good work Dr, haha, things seemed to be healing nicely?…

Then to Eastside Tavern where we drank some double rum and cokes.  Then to Hollywood Rebel Tattoo where I asked for all sorts of piercings and a full sleeve tattoo… So glad they don’t tat/pierce drunks! OMG!!!  I am pretty much positive I made a fool of myself in there, argh.  I even know ppl that work there, Jawwny.  Sorry!

After leaving Hollywood we walked to The Blue Fugue where we drank a NASTY drink, yucko, and bumped into Katy.  And then apparently I bumped into this guy named Alex, who Geoffrey had a crush on like a bazillion years ago.  He’s very attractive and smart aaaaaaaand, I kinda made a fool of myself there too haha.  But I apparently pulled off my philosophy knowledge for him.  Whew, since that was his major and I think his masters program.

Back to the apartment where I drunk iChatted with Kayla.  Chase passed out on my couch and I on my bed.

Woke up the next morning and started putting all of the pieces together LoL.  It was a really fun night and each day I remember a little more haha.  I guess this is why I don’t let myself get drunk like that!  Good times either way.

Oh and if I offended anyone or made a total fool of myself, please accept my apologies!  Can’t believe I didn’t drunk tweet on Twitter though!

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Can You Guess?

It is not often that I take a picture of myself, but when you’re stuck in a car waiting for you dad to come down from his bazillionth story office, you get bored, and experiment.  So I ask you… What is new in this picture?


And one for the road.

UPDATE: Ok… so here’s another hint.  Maybe it isn’t what is seen in the picture but what is used to create them?  Think outside the bun box.

Sk8 P@rks R Gr8!

So, while we waited for the fireworks, drank some water and sat waiting for Landon’s friend Paul’s friend Kate to show up, we watched the skateboarders.  Afterwards, about thirty minutes later, we would all be evacuated from the American Mall because of tornado warnings.

Luckily, we had already left for the bars before that happened haha.


This guy was so graceful on the board, just swept through all of the chaos.  He was definitely cooler than me.  LoL


I just love that tattoo.  Always nice to find a punk-rock-skateboarder who loves his gays and… well is gay himself.  I find that incredibly, uncontrollably hot.  Call me a punk-rock lover!

Really though, I have found myself, since California, being just infatuated with punk-rock, emo, skateboarding, hipsters.


Nota bene… he didn’t wipe out, somehow, either through amazing physics bending or magic, he landed and rolled away.  Kinda reminded me of Fat Albert, no offense… 😉




This guy (above and below) could get some serious air.  It amazed me every time because it seemed to defy gravity how he could jump up from either a standing or moving position, flip his board over a few times while soaring a few feet into the air.  Yes, soaring feet… haha


This one was like four feet tall.  He was pretty awesome though :)  Probably that lower center of gravity thing… Hmm, I don’t know.