The Moon and I

Bad news on the Wrinkle photo project.  Talked so someone who used to take pics in nursing homes, retirement communities (my Dad).  He was telling me that if people are spending the night, they probably signed a HIPAA.  And if they signed a HIPAA, as most would have to, I would have to get legal documentation of permission to take their pictures, and anyone else that might show up in the frame.

If there were some senior centers around here, which I believe there is at least one, I might have a chance there.  But I can’t rely on these other things right now, I’ve gotta go out and take pictures!

I have one really cool idea in my head which I will share tomorrow.  Yikes though, I have to have pics to show my prof by Tuesday!  Just pics that show I’m working on something though, nothing more than that.

So, until then, I leave you with the only pics I did take tonight.  Pictures of the moon with Micheal, who stayed warm in the car.

This is going to be a very busy week.  Right now I’m tired, thirsty and getting sick.  Boo.  I have chronic bronchitis.  Get it every year and just about every year, it turns into pneumonia.  So right now I’m trying to get healthy, meanwhile the semester is ending and my classes are getting really busy.  Not happy about all of this!!!

Night friends. Thanks for all of the comments.

Wrinkle in Time – Photo Project

So, for our last photo project we get to choose our theme.  I am really bad about that, so many ideas pop into my head and I’m such a sporatic photographer.  I can change photographic styles on a whim, and often do.  Because I have gotten such kind remarks about the dark and unique lighting photos, I’ve been hanging on that style for a good long while.

But now I feel I want to branch out again.

My project idea is photos featuring and showing off older people, as well as younger people but highlighting the way people age.  It is something that has always intrigued me and I see such beauty in age.

I found some beautiful pictures from a Flickr photographer named lonedfx.  My pictures would be similar to these.  It is as if he read my mind!  I would, however, use a ring light to create some fun light effects.  I would also like to feature faces more, at least five or ten pictures of just straight on head shots.

The only difficulty in getting these pictures is access.  But here’s my plan.

  1. Offer free 8×10’s for those who participate, could be a Christmas or Thanksgiving gift to family.
  2. Offer free 17×22 of those who participate as a group photo for the nursing home.
  3. … Thoughts?

What else could I do?  Should I drive to the nursing homes or call?  Should I have a collection of pictures to show I’m legit, even though I don’t have any really of people?  How should I approach the local nursing homes?  Should I go to hospices and if so, how do you treat that?  I feel that everyone is beautiful and I want to both showcase that as well as create a constructive social narrative of how people deal with age, time, money/consumption etc through a picture.

What kind of thoughts do you guys have?  I need to have pictures for class on Tuesday for my professor to look over.

I, as usual, appreciate any suggestions and thoughts.  If you have any ideas of how I could capture kids and families as well, that’d be great.  Seems like I don’t know anyone with kids.  Guess that happens when you’re surrounded by other college students!

Photography Project

I’m supposed to be working on this big project for my photography class.  The basis of it is experimental lighting to enhance a photograph.  I have done some quick and dirty examples of how doing some simple changes to your lighting and camera setting, you can turn a shitty picture into a great picture.

The first example is using a high aperture (f-22) along with a super bright light (650 watt) to light a scene versus using an automatic setting on a camera such as my Nikon D80.  First the auto setting shot.

All and all, it isn’t such a bad picture.  The problems are getting true whites and true blacks as you can see in the shot coming below.

Obviously better whites and blacks here.  Also, I manually set the white balance as opposed to the camera deciding what was white.

This next set is much more obvious.  I took a picture of my mother’s Aggie class ring on a mirror, a blush compact mirror at that.  With this shot I compared again, a 650 watt tungsten Arri light with the built in flash on my camera.  I again modified the f-stop to 22 on my manual shot.

As you can see, the flash blew out the color of the gold and the lower f-stop picked up all the light hitting the mirror.  It’s a plain old gross picture.  However, let’s see what happens when we set the aperture to f-22, pound the thing with 650 watts of light.

I swear, it’s like magic.  The silver mirror turns to black and the gold, which was previously washed to a pale yellow, is now a deep, rich 14ct gold.  Look at that reflection!

These pictures are just the foundation of my project, showing how small changes in light can totally change a picture.  I intend to include emotive portraits and many other genres of photography in this series.  Here’s to hoping I can make it happen and make it something special, unique and captivating.