On a Mission (in the Mission)

Our last day in San Francisco was a busy day.  Ryan had a lot of paperwork to get processed and needed a few LiveScans for a job application and ambulance license so we marched down Powell to the Bart station.

Wow, I guess I forgot all about the Pride Parade.  Thousands of people met us at the Bart station, completely hiding it from our field of vision.  We hung out, watched a few floats go by, reveled in the fun, friendly good times and took a few pictures.




As with any gay event, not everyone there was there to celebrate equality.  Some religious zealots where protesting the parade, the weekend, the gay marriages in California and just whatever popped into their heads.


They blamed the fires on the gays.  They blamed the terrorist attacks in 2001 on the gays.  They blamed the salmonella on the gays.  They blamed the storms on the gays.  Apparently it’s our fault.  Sorry guys.  Our bad.

[flv:Religious_Zealots.flv 500 375]

The kicker was when he said, “If you guys are such a loving, kind and friendly people, why do you need all of these police officers?  It’s because you cause hate and destruction that they are here” and then went onto something about paying good Californian’s tax dollars for us to celebrate our heresy…

I guess what he was missing was this.  The police are there not to protect us from ourselves but from people like him.  Pride is about as safest I have ever felt in a city, day or night.  The only thing one gay guy wants to do to another gay guy is fuck him (excuse my vulgarity and obvious exaggeration).

Well anyway, we finally made it to the UPS Store for Ryan’s LiveScan only to find it had closed for Pride.  Haha, a UPS closed for Pride, how awesome.  We took a seat at Squat & Gobble for lunch while we figured out a Plan B.


Squat & Gobble is the perfect little brunch place.  I always think of Landon when I go there.  I’m pretty sure you would love it Landon, reminds me of The Café in Washington DC only… better.  It was delicious.  While there we found another LiveScan place, hopped on a bus and back to the Mission we go.

LiveScan went easy enough, then back to the hotel.  I’m leaving Ryan here to go to Pride for a bit.  Catch you guys later!

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Jesus Sells Hot Dogs

Ryan needed a California Driver’s License for a job application so off to the DMV.  We took the 21, got there in perfect timing, which was weird since most of our vacations, while fun, never fall on schedule.

Ryan made an appointment.  Thank goodness, that places was packed.  Though, I never have been to such an efficient DMV or DoR.


He passed the test, horray.  Now he is officially a citizen of the great state of California, kinda.  😉

Ever since the lasik I have felt that I’ve become a bit dyslexic and this was illustrated as we walked out of the DMV and found ourselves faced with a classic city hot dog stand.


However, what I saw was something different.  Yes, they both sold hot dogs and both offered you two gallons of mustard and ketchup, just one pump away…  But the one I saw had direction, had a message and was owned by Jesus, the son of God…

This is what I saw


I think it is a sign.  I think what this tells us is that Jews can in fact consume ham, if it is good enough for Jesus… or maybe these were Kosher Jesus Hot Dogs.  I’m still not sure.

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Megabus Chicago to Saint Louis

Ryan and I decided to go the “green” route home from Chicago and took the new Megabus from Union Station to Union Station.

The bus was brand new, clean and pleasant.  Nothing like the China Bus Ryan and I took to New York City from Washington DC.  Nothing like that haha.

I would say that the Megabus is aimed at college students more than anyone else.  You must make your reservations online which not only cuts costs but consequently prevents “bums” from getting on board.  You have to have access to a computer with an internet connection and a credit card to make the reservation.  I guess this is a good idea, maybe I just don’t have an opinion on it.  I fear sounding elitist by saying it was nice to not have sketchy people on the seat across from you, that sounds bad so let’s just pretend I never typed it, k?

One interesting dynamic, a bit of Rosa Parks perhaps… The bottom floor of the double decker bus was inhabited by white middle to upper middle class girls.  Not a boy or non-caucasian in sight.  Go up the stairs and 90% black girls.  There was one older Greek woman, two Asian boys and the two of us.

I guess the minorities were forced upstairs, no matter what minority you were in haha.  The upstairs was nice though, more seats and a fantastic view, the downstairs has some seats facing other seats with a table in between.  Magnificent! Next time we go we are going to take those seats so we can chit chat with others and play Blackjack or something.  We played together, I won Blackjack but Ryan kicked my ASS in a game of War.

We made our first and unnecessary stop in Normal Illinois.  The passenger we were waiting on never showed, boo to that.

Our second stop was at a truckstop/laundro-mat/restaurant/arcade/store…  It was all sorts of white trash.

What more could you ask for?  How about really fucking scary dolls?

Not enough?  How about some “turn from sin, turn to Christ” cassette tapes.  Yes, you read that right, cassettes.

One guy from the bus took of the boxes of tapes to the bus.  The entire box.  Lord only knows what he plans to do with them (pun not totally intended).

The entire place was pretty hilarious.  I understand that truckers need a place to chill when on the road, a place to escape to outside of their trucks… But why does the place have to be so trashy?

The “Lounge” consisted of a couple of cheap metal chairs, a 19″ color television broadcasting the cliche Nascar race of the day and some neon lights of various colors hung haphazardly on the wall.

The smell was something else, wow.

We were given about thirty minutes to hang out there, get lunch at one of the nearby fast food establishments and just stretch out legs.

Of course, as with any stop, there has to be a few stupid people that disregard the time constraints.  I swear, how do these people get through life?  Three girls were left behind at Subway until someone yelled from upstairs to the downstairs of the girls running behind the bus a good fifty yards back.

Hilarious? Yes.  Would I have liked for them to run an extra 100 yards?  Of course.

We got into St. Louis despite the acts of God going on around us.  The storms were so strong that they were pushing the bus between two different lanes.  We got home safe and sound and then crashed, poor Ryan had to be at work five hours later!

All and all, I will definitely take the Megabus again, hopefully pretty soon!

Sally Kern – Hate-monger

I’m sure by now you have all read about Sally Kern’s hate speech against homosexuals and followers of Islam.  Here is a recording of the speech, a transcript c/o the BBC follows.

I cannot believe that she is getting away with this. It’s just incredible. Listen and then go to the Human Rights Campaign site to see what you can do.

[flv:Sally-Kern.flv 425 325]

Full transcript of a speech by Sally Kern on the “gay agenda” with a backhanded slap at Islam

The homosexual agenda [Loud snap] is destroying this nation. OK? It’s just a fact. [Volume increases] Not everybody’s lifestyle is equal, just like not all religions are equal.

You know, the very fact that I’m talking to you like this here today, puts me in jeopardy. OK? Uh and I’m not anti, I’m not gay-bashing, but according to God’s word that is not the right kind of lifestyle, it has deadly consequences for those people involved in it, they have more suicides, uh and they’re more discouraged, there’s more illness, their uh lifespans are shorter, you know?

It’s, it’s, it’s not a lifestyle that is good for this nation.

‘Matter of fact, studies show, that no society that has totally embraced homosexuality has lasted more than, you know, a few decades.

So it’s the death knell of this country.

I honestly think it’s the biggest threat even, that our nation has, even more so than terrorism or Islam, which I think is a big threat. OK?

Because what’s happening now, they’re going after er uh in schools – two year-olds!

You know why they’re trying to get early childhood education? They want to get our young children into the government schools so they can indoctrinate them! I taught school for close to twenty years and we’re not teaching facts and knowledge anymore folks, we’re teaching indoctrination. OK?

And they’re going after our young children, as young as two years of age, to try to teach them that the homosexual lifestyle is the acceptable lifestyle.

You know, gays are infiltrating city councils.

Do you know? Eureka Springs [Arkansas], anybody been there, for the [Great] Passion Play? [A “Creation Truth” production] OK, have you heard that the city council of Eureka Springs is now controlled by gays? OK?

There are some others. Uh, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Tacoma, Md.; Kensington, Md.; in Vermont, Oregon, West Palm Beach, Fla. and a lot of other places in Florida.

What’s happening? And they are winning elections. One of the things I deal with in our legislature, I tried to introduce a bill last year, that would notify parents, uh schools had to let parents know what clubs their students were involved in.

And the reason I did that bill, primarily, was this, we had the Gay-Straight Alliance coming into our schools.

Kids are getting involved in these groups, their lives are being ruined, their parents don’t know about it. So I introduced a bill that said you have to notify all clubs, and things. And one of my colleagues said, “Well, you know we don’t have a gay problem in my community, so that’s why I voted against that bill.”

Well you know what? To me that is so dumb. If you’ve got cancer or something in your little toe, do you say, Well you know I’m just gonna forget about it, ’cause the rest of you’s fine?

It spreads! OK?

And this, this stuff is deadly, and it’s spreading and it will destroy uh our young people, it will destroy this nation.

Barack Obama Does Religion Right!

In a speach before an Interfait forum in Des Moins Iowa, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois contended that the idea of seperation of church and state should not force American voters to “leave [their] religion at the door before entering the public square” arguing that “faith informs our values, and I think we’d all agree that our values inform our politics more than they have over the last six years”.

Obama pointed out the damages caused by religio-political machines such as Jerry Falwell “exploit what divides us” with agendas based soley on time socially divided issues such as abortion and gay marriage.

Jumping onto the recent Nobel Prize shared by Al Gore and UN Scientists, Obama pushed the bibically faithful to examine their doctrine’s regard to the earth, climate and our role in protecting what God gave us.

“The bible tells us that when God created the earth, he entrusted us with the responsibility to take care of that earth,” he said. “It is a responsibility to ensure that this planet remains clean and safe and livable for our children, and for all of God’s children.”

“Science has made it undeniably clear that our generation is not living up to this responsibility.”

An as an omage to the former vice president, Obama gave credit where it was due, “I think all of us give great thanks to him [Al Gore] for his extraordinary dedication, his extraordinary service, [and] his grace after a bitter defeat to rise up and actually transcend and do even more than one could have ever imagined to help highlight this issue.”

Well done. Absolutely the best mixing of religion in a political speach that didn’t austrosize anyone. Well, not me at anyways.