My Florida Travels Overview

So the last ten days or so have been pretty crazy. It all started with a flight from San Francisco to Austin on the ninth. There I prepared for a series of meetings with business connections and hopefully potential opportunities for new business. Those meetings were to be had in San Antonio, so shortly after arriving in the Austin area I was headed out. Continue reading

Catching up on a few things

I was thinking today about how much I have to catch people up on. Even though my life isn’t super exciting or anything, I often put out these quick short stories and get so distracted that I never follow up on them. So here we go. Continue reading

One Year and One Day

One year and one day ago Ryan and I said the big three words.

Last night we enjoyed dinner at Bleu, dessert at Wine and Cheese Bistro and a long walk around town.

Last Thanksgiving my parents came to Columbia to celebrate Thanksgiving with Ryan and I.  This year they have invited Ryan to Thanksgiving with the whole family in Texas.  Ryan went joined me in Texas, spending several days in Austin and San Antonio with my grandparents and parents.

He’s really becoming a part of the family and that is so exciting for me.  To think that just a few years ago I was afraid for my family to know that I was gay and now, here we are, making our life a part of my familys’.  It’s awesome.

The family on my dad’s side might be a bit slower in this adaptation.  Much slower really.  Caymanians aren’t known for their openmindedness.  I do have some paternal family members that know about Ryan or that I am gay and have been good about it, but the overwhelming majority I fear would have a very, very bad reaction.

Of course, who needs them.  I know Ryan will be by my side through thick or thin; if my blood family won’t then that’s their loss.  They don’t deserve what they can’t give.

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Remember the Alamo

Saturday, after picking up my new iPhone 3G, Ryan, my dad and I met up with my mom at the Valencia Hotel on the Riverwalk.  From the hotel we walked down to the water to get some tapas.  They were tasty and the view was great.  I had not been to the Riverwalk in quite some time.

After the snack we took a stroll down to the Alamo and other similar sites.

Weve Certainly Got Direction

We've Certainly Got Direction

We passed my great grandfather’s pharmacy and the old zoo that was indoors, like in a building downtown… how crazy.  If the bears got loose… holy shit!


The Alamo


Ryan and I


The Alamo from the back

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