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It’s such an awesome time of the year, time for scary movies and haunted houses.  FUN!

I went out the other night to do some long exposure (5+ minute) photos.

Before I went out to take the pics, I met up with Kevin, Libby, Travis, Crysta and David at Shakespeare’s Pizza.


I didn’t eat or drink anything which is totally unfortunate haha.  It was sure good to see all my old friends who I had not seen in a while.  Libby looked fabulous, love the hair girl!  And Kevin is always fun to hang out with, one of those old friends that no matter how long you spend apart, you pick up right where you left off.

Dave and Crysta came along with me to take the pics.  It is so much more fun to have people go with you, especially when they sing N’Sync and Blu Cantrel with you as you drive haha.

They spotted this house as we drove around, it sure is hallowing isn’t 😉




What do you think?  This is just a start.  Tonight Micheal is going to join me as I take a bunch more of these long exposure pictures.

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Diamond in the Rough

Ok ok, so you might look at this and say, that’s no diamond, that’s like syphillis, tetanus and poison ivy just waiting to happen.

But to me, being a nerd and totally into doing things I probably sound and going places I’m not allowed, this is one freaking HUGE diamond.

After class today, yeah, just one on Mondays, lucky me; I went on my almost daily bike ride.  On my way back, at abour the 12 mile marker, something caught my eye.  It wasn’t something new to me but for some reason, today it drew me in.

The building sits abandoned, the windows boarded, the doors welded shut with rebar.  Silly people, that rebar just makes for one hell of a ladder.

I took the opportunity and climbed on in.  Holy fucking Grail.  I can’t figure out what this place used to be.  Seems like it had classrooms and showers maybe, it’s two stories and in some rooms the floor just has a huge hole that goes down to the basement.  The stairs looked fucking terrifying so I never made it down.

Yeah just watch out, there are some scary holes cut out in the floor sometimes…

But mostly just awesomeness

And what would an abandoned building be without the obligatory gay graffiti?

So who’s with me?  Wanna go explore?  I’m afraid to do much more by myself, no telling what lies in the basement!

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The Haunting

There is this really bizarre, creepy old white building off HWY 63 South to Jefferson City. It’s just outside of the city limits, has all of these no trespassing signs around it, what looks like farming land around it, a grain tower and a water tower. It also has these weird concrete cubes around the place…


I really want to go inside and check it out. You aren’t supposed to go beyond the sign “without permission”. I wonder how one goes about getting permission… Maybe I just trespass, how much trouble could I possibly get in? Haha, probably a lot.

I like to think that it is some sort of old asylum, some version of the the one in the movie, Session 9. Creepy movie… Too bad some dumbass, capitalist developers tore down Danver’s State Hospital. This place was so beautiful, so massive and had such an incredible story. So much of the American Psychiatric Associations practices and beliefs were born from this facility. To tear it down is a disgrace to our country.