Touching Down in Memphis

So I’ve finally made it home, after a month and a half out of the state and away from my home and friends, I’m back.

And it feels great!  Last night I went out with some friends for dinner (including tweeps @Chadd65203, @akikooda and @beauaero), bumped into even more friends (@coreyschmidt, @alexandrabrant) at the restaurant and had just a wonderful time.  It’s funny, how much Ryan and I complain about Columbia only for me to ultimately miss it when I leave town for a bit.

I might have been breaking FAA rules by keeping my phone on (in airplane mode!) while we took our final decent into Memphis International Airport.  The view as we touched down reminded me of one of my favorite We Are Voices songs…

So I turned it into a video using my iPhone 3GS, iMovie and their amazing album, What Makes Us So Alive? which you can get by clicking that link to iTunes.  They play some great concerts too, in fact I’ll be at their August 23 show at the Cherry Street Artisan, right here in Columbia Missouri.

Without any further ado…

I Miss My Boys

My dear friend Karen aka @ok2baprincess always refers to her “boys” as the important guys in her life, her closest male friends.

Being a gay male, you’d think that I have a lot of really close gay friends, like you see on television.  Well, TV lies.  I do have a few great gay friends but really… in Columbia, besides my amazing incredible beautiful wonderful boyfriend… I only have two or three super close gay friends.

I won’t name them… you know who you are.

So, when I say “my boys” I mean the guys in Columbia that for any particular amount of time were of the most importance to me.  In particular we’ve got Chase and Corey ( @clettenberg and @coreyschmidt respectively).  They are of the awesome band, Scouts (check them out at or on their MySpace).

The band recently moved outta town, off to Kansas City Missouri, you know, where all the big bands really make it… Well… hopefully that’ll be the case for them.

Ever since, my life has been a little empty.  I miss the late night bad decisions they helped me make, the trips to the tattoo parlors where I drunkenly asked for full sleeves and various body piercings.  There’s the incredibly open conversations about sex, relationships and emotions that I don’t think I could have with any other friend.  I miss Chase’s insults on my clothing, taste in music, taste in television, taste in movies, taste in… well my taste period.  I miss the apparent battle between Chase and Corey for who could wear the gayest outfit, the tightest jeans, the deepest v-necks.

I miss their concerts, taking their pictures, shooting the shit with the band and just generally experiencing all the good, and bad, that we all went through together.  Breakups, new relationships, shit jobs, shit classes, you get the point.

I miss the random trips to St. Louis to hang with Chase’s insane(ly awesome) cousin and the completely EPIC beer pong tournaments at Corey’s apartment.

Bottom line, I miss my boys. And Chase coming into town the other day, seeing a movie with him and Karen at RagTag Cinema just brought back all those positive memories.

Soon I’ll be moving to California, well in about a year.  There I will be reunited with all of my old wonderful friends.  Meanwhile, I have a few of those really special friends in Columbia; as time passes and external forces push us away, again I will look fondly at the times we had together.

So here’s a cheers to my best brotastic friends, even if they abandoned me here in the great abyss that is Mid Missouri.

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Scouts with An Horse and Appleseed Cast


Went to Scout’s last concert here in Columbia on Friday. They played with An Horse and Appleseed Cast at Mojo’s.

The concert was great, love hearing their new stuff, though I do miss some of their old songs… Glad I have the CD I guess.  I didn’t take too many pictures there, seems like since I have like 12gb of Scouts pictures, any more would just be ridiculous.

Here are a few I did take though.

Chase recovers from a Brumski! LoL

Appleseed Cast

This time, and for his very first time, Josh (@brooding_soul) joined me for the Scouts concert.  It was great having him come with me and hanging out later. What a fun night.

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I Wants to Ride My Bicycle

Yeah, I said “wants”.

Went out with Scouts to do a photoshoot.  It was fucking freezing.  I am looking forward to doing another, more organized photoshoot soon so we can actually get everyone in the shot at once haha.

It was a lot of fun though, took a shit ton of pictures but haven’t had time to process any yet.  Well except those above which I just white balanced and did some exposure work.  For whatever reason I just don’t have a lot of colorspace to edit them. I think it’s the nature of the shot and the time of day was all off. I wanna do it again around 4pm at Cooper’s Landing. Beautiful sunlight there/then.

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Rootless Tree

So I kinda have to change this post, before I even post it.

I had originally written a post about quality music and how much I love the indie music scene out right now, even though I don’t really know all that much of it.

Damien Rice has been one of these artists that I always can go back to and listen to without ever growing tired of it.  Kind of how I feel about Rufus Wainwright and Ben Folds, all of whom are not in the least, indie artists.  But they are, at least seemingly, down to Earth and their ability to sing live, show their raw emotion and captivate an audience make them the real deal to me.

[flv:Rootless_Tree.flv 500 281]

So yeah… I had originally wrote about how I loved that kind of music and how I enjoy having so many friends in bands like Chase and Corey (of Scouts).

And then Chase, tonight, at the Artisan ruined it.  Oh and he ruined it on his blog where he posted the very same video I have posted above.  We think way too much alike. haha.  Then he played the fucking song sans Lisa Hannigan’s vocals. Ugh, at least it sounded great. 😉

Chase played a live solo show tonight at the Artisan, some original songs, some covers.

It was fun, bumped into some of the guys in some of the bands that I really enjoy knowing out here.  But the best part was Ryan joining me.  We haven’t been able to hang out too much recently, with him working so much and me being stuck to a computer much of the day doing work of my own.

Anyways, I’m still posting the video, duh you already watched it, because unlike Chase’s version, mine has original artwork.  Suck on that!

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Scouts & Taking Back Sunday

Wow, this was like weeks ago and I took 750 pictures but I’m just going to post a few of Scouts that I really liked.  There are many others that I’m sure are just amazing (haha, not really) of Scouts as well as a ton of Envy on the Coast and Taking Back Sunday but I’m not in the mood to edit them right now.  Probably won’t ever feel like editing them haha.  We’ll see.

Till that day, check out these.

It was by far the best Scouts concert I’ve been to and the crowd was pretty huge.  The Blue Note sold out so that’s awesome too!

Can’t wait to hear their new stuff.  Check them out on Myspace where you can listen to some tracks.

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Scouts – Blue Bird Festival

Went to the Scouts and Let Lions concert at Eastside Friday night.  Max was there and I met @cassiewowczuk from Twitter.  Had a great time, Scouts was awesome and the other bands weren’t too bad either.

Chase and Corey were wearing these bad ass tees they made for the night.

This kid was cute and the band was interesting, but apparently hard to work with.  Nothing more off putting than being divas, especially when you’re just from St. Louis…

Sounded like Hellogoodbye mixed with Radiohead (ish)

I believed we called the next band, My Chemical Douchbags.  For real… They were ok, good for radio play but they definitely were not the rock and roll they promised.  Of course, their outfits were hard to live up to… yikes.