School’s Almost Out, Life Goes On

Oh how I can’t wait for school to be over, for good.  Alas, we all know Justin will never be graduating from college… well a least not this year, which is incredibly annoying/depressing/etc.  I’ve been in school for ages now, way longer than I should have been in school.

Of course, lots of great things have happened because of my extended college career.  I made so many incredible friends, realized engineering wasn’t for me.  Neither was psychology, pre-law, sociology, philosophy… you get the point.

I’ve “settled” on a sort of triple major.  I get one degree with an emphasis on three topics.  For me it’s Political Science, Gender Studies and Photography.  I love all three of those and it opens a lot of doors for me, especially with the PoliSci and Photography portions.

But first I’ve gotta get out of school right?

This summer I have the options of summer school, internships or traveling.  I want to do an internship in Europe but my parents moving to Saudi Arabia makes me want to see them a lot this summer, so maybe an internship in Houston… but then I’d like to get some classes out of the way so summer school?

Hate living like this!

Oh yeah, then there’s being away from Ryan.  I really don’t want to spend the summer states, much less oceans, away from him.  But I guess we can’t put our future together on the back burner so we can spend the present together.  The sooner I graduate, the sooner we can move on with our life together.

Get out of school and then let’s move back to California where I can be with so many of my amazing friends… Sean, Kevin, Mark, David, Kayla, Matt…

Until then, here I am, one class at a time.  I now live through another graduation season where I lose more of my friends.  This year I’m going to miss most Chase and Corey, moving to Kansas City.  Congratulations on them for moving on with their band, Scouts, which is awesome.  But going to miss my boys.

And worse yet, Karen is moving to St. Louis. Major sadness over that, first Micheal and now Karen. Blurg. What’s this city going to?

Luckily Phoebe, Joshua, Laura and Eric Cox etc etc are still here.  Ryan and I will stay sane for a bit longer.

Welcome Home

I had a wonderful day yesterday hanging with Ryan and Mark and Sean and Kevin…


I got my new MacBook Pro powersupply which I left back in Missouri, gah!  I also picked up the Incase Power Slider while Kevin and I were at the Apple Store.  So far I’m loving it but I’ll wait to use it a few days before I give a real review.

Last night Sean, Ryan, Mark and I headed out for Sushi at Eiji, but not before Mark, Ryan and I had some Birite ice cream. Yum!

The sushi was great, the Sake was fun and really helped get the night going. Then we saw the $410 Christmas trees… WTF?!

After sushi was Pilsner Inn where a bunch of bears were having a birthday party.

Ryan got a hankering for something sweet when he saw the birthday cake so we went Home.  I had never been there but it seemed totally appropriate for how I was feeling all day.  As soon as I could see the bay from the airplane I felt Home.  So, we went to Home and got the trio and had a delicious desert platter. Yum.

Then we began the parting of ways… Sadface.  But the night was a whole lot of fun.

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