Revisiting Saudi Arabia

Decided I should probably actually start posting about my trip to Saudi Arabia last month. My Twitter friends seemed to really want me to do this and I feel like I’ve fallen behind on posting and sharing stuff that is going on in my life lately. Things just get so busy!

I’ve decided that I’m going to do this in series of short posts. I have so many photos to share and so many stories to tell. This photo came from our trip shark tooth hunting with some friends from our compound. Continue reading

Hunting for Shark Teeth

This photo comes from our trip to Udhailiyah where we, successfully, hunted for prehistoric shark teeth. Yes, we went searching for shark teeth in the Saudi Arabian desert because… where else would you search for such things?

Having a blast in Saudi Arabia, many many MANY more photos to post and stories to tell. Plus, I gotta get photos of my shark teeth! Nothing like digging in the middle of the desert to find shark teeth!