From Skateparks to Zebras

Over the weekend, Carrie and I went on a little photo shoot to the skate park.  I was a little nervous taking pics of a bunch of people I didn’t know, makes you feel a little weird, ya know?

They really weren’t anything special, but who am I to judge, I have trouble with a kick scooter…

There was a guy doing some fun stuff with his BMX.  Another fella was recording the antics with his video camera which made taking pictures of this particular guy less intimidating.


The main event was really the camel and zebra.  Carrie totally didn’t believe these guys existed in Columbia, it is always nice to show people new things.  How many times have I thought that Columbia was the lamest place (don’t answer that) and someone showed me something new? (on second thought, don’t answer that either)

Well anyways it’s always nice.  Plus I wanted to check up on my quadrupeds


The camel was much more outgoing than the zebra who stayed at quite a distance.  He needed a breath mint.