Catch and Release Phishing

Guess what, I’m a Central Bank customer.  Oh wait, no I’m not.  But some Phishing scam people are sending emails to people at Mizzou email addresses hoping that at least a few are members of the local bank.  They have created a site that sure does look like Central Bank’s site care of an address that appears to be but is really

They ask for your login ID, I put in “calloway42” and hit login.  What do you know, I’m in!

Notice the Phishing warning haha.  But I “logged in” and got to this next screen asking me for my opinion on some random things and then my account number, expiration dates and pin number.

I’m pretty sure that I would need to provide a username and password to log into my account, at the least, and then they would already have this information.  With my bank, Bank of America, I have to have a user account ID, a pin number, a picture identifier and finally a code that is sent to my cellphone each time I try to log in just to make positively sure only I can log into my account.  If you want to do that, you gotta know those three items AND have my cellphone with you.

Oh well, it’s always fun to almost be phished.  Also of note, none of the phishing pages were secure.  Not the best phishing scam I’ve ever seen.

Ok, off to get my Lasik surgery!

Which is it?

I was a beta tester for FileMaker’s Bento software, one of 250,000.  To thank us for our efforts (cough) they are allowing me to enter a competition (drawing) to win something.

The email says a 16gb iPod touch (sweet)!

The survey says “Prize to be determined” and the end of the survey says a 16gb iPod touch.

Meh, I entered anyway.  I’d love that touch though, make it so.


I’m all over iTunes, since the AppleTV my iTunes spending has been out of order… But I don’t pay a cable bill so it’s actually just about right and I get to keep the shows forever and watch them nearly anywhere.

So when a new show on ABC came out, I was all about getting the pilot episode.  They typically are good about their one hour shows.  The show is called Eli Stone and I really liked it.  Of course… I also really liked The Bucket List.  A lot.

Then I got to thinking, mind you I didn’t have to think too hard about this one… These two productions sure do seem similar.

  1. They are based around a character who spends a good deal of time in front of a court.
  2. Eli Stone is bisyllabic and then monosylabic as is Edward Cole
  3. Main characters names both start with E’s
  4. Both main characters are wealthy
  5. The both have brain phenomena (not the good kind)
  6. They are both dying (spoiler)
  7. They are both on a voyage to find themselves
  8. They both climb a fucking freezing mountain
  9. The Kicker?  They both carry someone’s ashes to the top of that fucking freezing mountain in a can of Chock Full o’Nuts Coffee can

It’s really quite ridiculous how similar they are, I could go one but I’ll be late for work if I do.

Don’t let this discount the tv show, it is pretty great.  I got all teary eyed all over again, it’s like watching the movie (The Bucket List) but without the theater, expensive tickets and jerks in the back kicking your seat.

Powered by Qumana Rocks My Space

It’s as though it were made for Myspace, flashy, a little trashy and a whole lot of fun. It’s open to the public now, so check out the beta of Skitch.

I used it for about five minutes from registration to upload. It’s simplicity is great and it’s speed is really quite impressive. Click the pic to go to their website.

The thing even uploaded to my flickr! Impressive.

Powered by Qumana