The Pinnacles Revisited


Today, Kevin and I headed up to the great wide north of… Boone County and to The Pinnacles.

Yesterday, Wednesday, I went to The Pinnacles with Ryan. He brought me there for the first time and just opened my eyes to a beautiful part of this region which I had never even heard of.

Kevin and I had a really great time. He just knows so much about nature, especially in Missouri. It was fun climbing the rocks and enjoying the landscape and views… He also kind of saved my life today! There was this large, and beautiful, copperhead snake! He caught it just before I got to it, lucky me!

Check it out later on.


That picture is my favorite from the trip, pretty much. You all know I love flowers, this one just takes the cake.


Speaking of beautiful landscapes, check this out. The sky was just gorgeous today and the foliage this beautiful emerald green. It was just such a beautiful day.



Here’s that copperhead snake I wrote about up there. Just look at him, he looks perfect. Kevin saw a copperhead just like one we saw today, in the same place a few years ago. Craziness!



I’m not so sure about this butterfly picture. It was hard to fit his wings in total focus because he kept flapping the damned things! Quite pretty, even with all of the flapping.


While, perhaps, nothing too special, the coloring in this shot, I just adore.