Who knew I’d have so much fun in Philadelphia, much less miss it or the new people I met there as much as I am right now.  Tonight I am just aching to create pictures, go out with my camera and capture the world and process it into something beautiful.

I just love this picture I took while in Philadelphia, and to think I almost forgot about the entire panorama of pictures I took.

This trip Ryan and I took through the northeast was so much fun.  In fact, it was the most fun I’ve had in ages, and perhaps the most fun I’ve ever had on a vacation.  I’m a very lucky person to have Ryan in my life.  He planned out 90% of this trip and managed to keep me sane with all the travel arrangements that would normally have made me completely batty.

Here’s a map of our travels!

It looks like our next major trip will be this summer, back to San Francisco for pride. Can’t wait!  Traveling with Ryan is just about the most fun you can have.  Plus I’ll get to take pictures… though I am really aching to travel to Europe… I’ve never taken pictures there. Visited? Yes.

Anyways, time to get off the computer for a bit. Keep up to date with me on twitter,

Catch you later friends!

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Ryan and I are having a lot of fun here in Toronto and getting some help going about the city thanks to some really great guys on Twitter.

We are going out today to enjoy the city with the help of @akorittko and I will be posting picture as soon as I get a chance.

There are lots of pictures posted on the photoblog,, but they are all pretty artistic, kinda Crewdson meets… umm, can’t think of his name.

Anyways, having fun, looking forward to getting more pics up, meeting more people and having even more fun!

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Niagara Sunrise

I’m posting the best of our Spring Break pictures to the photoblog,  Check it out for more updates.  Meanwhile, here are two I have uploaded so far.  Ryan and I went to Niagara Falls early this morning to watch the sunrise, it was beautiful.

Niagara Falls at Sunrise

Niagara Falls at Sunrise

We are having a great time! Just got back to Niagara, on the Megabus heading to Toronto. We should be there in about 1.5 hours. We’re planning on meeting up with some other twitter tweeps later this weekend or early into the week. If you want to meet up, send me a tweet @justex07!

Catch you later friends.

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