Kitchen Aid is sucking…

I bought a Kitchen Aid hand mixer to make mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving and it broke after like 15 minutes.  I bought a Kitchen Aid can opener, and tested five more at Target, and they were all defective, less one, which I exchanged for a broken one.

Now they can’t even properly label their products.

Thirteen dollars for that?  Is it a whisk or is it a serrated sandwich spreader?  Who can tell… who can tell.

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Trip to the Mall

I made a little journey to the mall today to talk to Express about this Pea Coat I got which is falling apart, get a nice iron aaaaand mail something to Klipsch.

Two things I noticed. FYE (For Your Entertainment) finally went out of business. It’s amazing they lasted as long as they did. I mean come on! They were selling CD’s for $22.99 that Best Buy was selling for $11.99 and iTunes sold for $9.99. HD-DVD movies were $50+… Come on!

At least they welcomed a somewhat locally owned record store to take over their sales.

Meanwhile, I picked up a really nice iron… I was nervous blowing over $30 for an iron but the Rowenta Professional iron that I got proved to be worth it. It really is an incredible little guy. I know, this all coming from the guy who gets wet over small home appliances.

Sadly, they don’t do so great when they are supposed to translate English to Spanish as seen on this Rowenta handheld steamer.

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