My Massive iTunes Library

You might remember, since it was my last post, that when I updated my iTunes to 7.7.1, it crashed my iTunes Library.  I had to start from scratch.  One reader posted a question in my comments.  ZC asked, did I really have the music, why would I have that much media, is it all legal/illegal; etc etc.


I most certainly do have that much music, or I did before the crash.  Some numbers have dropped but I retained about 95% of my media.

Why so much?  Well, I don’t pay for cable/satellite and I live in an area where picking up HD over the air is not very feasible.  I got tired of paying for HD-DVR Cable a few years ago and when the AppleTV came out, I was done with it.

Since I was in high school I had the habit of buying lots of CD‘s from Warehouse Music.  The store near my house was going out of business, for four years, and I took advantage of its slow, slow death.

I had a great job working in a chemical company’s laboratory and doing IT work, since I only had classes half of the day, I spent the last year of high school working and really racking up a large library of music.

When iTunes was released for the PC, I went berzerk.  The first thing I purchased, sadly, was Mama Mia; I was hitting on someone who wanted a copy of the CD.

Anyways, the seed was born and I put about $100/month into my iTunes account though it wasn’t uncommon for me to buy 10 CD’s from a new/used music store in a day.

I did this not only to fulfill my love of music, I did it also because I lived with four to six other people who also loved music; I had money, they did not.  I would buy music and let them stream it onto their iTunes in our home.  We had large parties at least once a week, it was college after all, and those parties required vast quantities of high quality, popular music.

Later, I would tire of paying for cable and DVR.  The whole idea of paying to watch something once was stupid to me.  Almost worse was paying to record something only to have to delete it sometime later.

Remember that episode of The OC when what’s-her-face gets drunk and makes out with who’s-that-ho?

I decided I wanted to start buying my television shows and watching them on my schedule.  Going to school, working full time, watching tv, doesn’t work.

I got the AppleTV the day it came out.  I got an iPod video, the day it came out.  I watched my television at the gym, I listened to my music and podcasts in the car.

When the AppleTV finally arrived, I was able to put these movies onto our 46″ plasma screen and off of my tiny iPod screen or my 24″ iMac screen.  That was amazing to me.

I bought more and more television this week.  I considered my cable tv bill of $70/month to be my allowance for buying television shows on iTunes/AppleTV.

Eventually I filled up the 500gb hard drive of my iMac and bought two 1TB externals, one for Time Machine and one for iTunes.

Now I have a 55″ HDTV in my apartment and a 42″ HDTV at our condo.  The 55″ HDTV is powered by my AppleTV, the 42″ is done so by my MacBook Pro through DVI/HDMI.

I am never stranded without some form of entertainment from my iPod, my iPhones (Edge and 3G versions), my iMac, my MacBook Pro or my AppleTV.  It allows me to workout longer and harder.  It keeps plane rides and bus trips barable and to me is a worthy investment.

Friends come over all the time to watch old seasons of Weeds or Damages, just like you would if you had the series on DVD.  Only now we can just click through the AppleTV and don’t have to deal with CD’s and DVD’s all over the place.

Some might think I’m crazy and some people have hundreds and thousands of more titles than I do.  It is not a bragging thing, it is just me loving media and entertainment and consuming it on my time, on my rules when I want to do it.

I hope that explains it.

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The State of Television

We have all at one point been obsessed with a reality show, whether it was Real World (back when it was awesome), Survivor or Who Wants to Marry a  Millionaire.

Back in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s I really loved watching MTV for two reasons.  First, Undressed which pretty much was my first porn though officially it was a…

sexy, late night soap opera Undressed, which gave viewers a peek behind closed doors at the intricacies of modern relationships. Each episode featured three different fictional stories and followed various characters to see what happened during their most intimate moments. No subject was too taboo.

No kidding.  They did everything and back then that was a big deal.  They took mixed race relationships, gay, lesbian, step siblings… in school, in the dorms, in the bedroom, in the car… they had sex everywhere and it was HOT.  I really can’t beleive it was on basic cable.  But boy howdy did I love it.

Now we have Gossip Girl, the new MTV Undressed but this time with lots of high style and much better dialog (well, it’s all relative).  While Undressed was made to appear like a reality show/soap opera, Gossip Girl is clearly a drama, but it’s got all the sex.

In fact, they are sexing themselves up, actually advertising the fact that many family groups are greatly opposed to their show.

I have to admit, I’m a huge fan of Gossip Girl, it’s so scandalous and sexy, how could you possibly say no?

The other night I was hanging with Ryan at his base watching television and eating some dinner I made for him at home.  We turned on the television to see what was on.

Disturbing things were seen.  First up, and most disturbing, The Baby Borrowers.

Yes… a show where people borrow other people’s babies and kids.  It is called a social experiment.  So was Dr. Philip Zimbardo‘s Stanford Prison Experiment and I’m sure we all know how that ended…  What the hell is wrong with us?  Borrowing babies?  I mean, come one, this isn’t an opium den in China!  Not yet at least.

Even more disturbing, on at the same time on another network, Super Nanny.  On this episode, there was a family of five; the oldest daughter was a goth punk girl who swore and screamed evil at her father, the middle child was wheelchair bound and greatly ignored by her father and the youngest was one hell of a bratty little bitch girl who beat the shit out the mom both physically and emotionally.  It was one hot mess and of course, put on television for all to see.

Why do people do that kind of shit?  Show off how they have been terrible parents, the most important job a parent can have.  That’s like having a show called, “Watch Me Suck at Everything I Do”… oh wait, that’ why we have VH1’s Celebreality.

We still have Jerry Springer too.  Last night I hung out with Jeremy, we watched Resident Evil (which I give a C-) followed by whatever was on TV at 1:00am.  Hillybilly fighting was on…  Well at least you can say he’s consistent.  WTF is wrong with these people?

And while I might be confused, upset, disturbed or down right pissed off at the quality of television these days, there are a few gems.  Damages is incredible, Saving Grace is rich with raw sex and emotion, Mad Men is terribly entertaining and shows like Burn Notice and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia make the summer television season quite bearable.

Oh yeah, and then we have the hilarity that is true reality television.  It is hard to find these diamonds in the rough where someone isn’t putting on an act, when they really are who you see on the screen.  Here’s a great example.  Don’t worry, it’s ok to laugh, she signed some sort of “I’m a fucking weirdo, jackass, dumbshit or otherwise” agreement.

[flv:Big_Brother.flv 500 281]

Ahhhh, crazy Asian girls and their love for COOOOOOKIEEEEEEESSSS!

This post dedicated to my good friend, Jonathan.  One of the best guides to today’s entertainment.

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Evil Giraffe, Death of a Giraffe

Carrie and I went out today to do some photography stuffs, just random and fun.  She totally didn’t believe that there were exotic animals at this one house in Columbia.  I swore they had a giraffe but apparently I was wrong.  However, she was too cause she did read that blog post hehe.

So first, a video of Eddie Izzard as an evil giraffe.  He is one of my favorite, if not my favorite stand-up comedian.

[flv:Evil_Giraffe.flv 477 360]

Now a video Ryan sent me about the stages of death of a giraffe by Robot Chicken.  Equally as funny, well maybe.

[flv:Giraffe_Death.flv 477 360]

Pictures from today will follow later tonight or maybe tomorrow.  Went to a few places today, the weather was so nice, we just had to do it!

Earthquake?… Earthquake!

Ok, so I’ve been up for about an hour… keeping having this bad dream.

I’m blogging about that tranny video below this post and all of a sudden my entire building is shaking, my glasses are rattling, my fish tank is splashing and I’m like… WTF  It’s around 4:35-4:40am and things aren’t right.

I can hear the wood floors crackling and the ceiling was making these awful noises, like when something is stressed to a limit.  It reminded me of an old house next to a train track when a train passes by, only I live in a concrete/brick, four story apartment building.

The USGS shows the last earthquake to hit Missouri was five days ago and far off into the South East corner but also noted it takes about 10 minutes to update.  I reported it, who knows.

I’m going to guess it was probably some explosion somewhere.  I remember in Houston when we had a chemical plant explode and it shook the entire city!

Whatever happened just now, I know I’m not the only one who felt it.  I mean, even Ryan felt it and he was asleep in bed.  Anyone else feel it?  Around 4:40am.  

Crazy.  As if the nightmares weren’t enough, a real event happens.  

UPDATE 4:50 A.M.: You heard it first here my friends (haha).  There was indeed an earthquake, all the way in Olney, IL and we felt it all the way over here in Missouri.

More information is added every few minutes as more and more people report the ground shaking event (pun intended).  Turns out I was of the first to post!  Within the first ten minutes, which data is still being processed, no reported had been filed so mine went through along with the first batch, that’s kinda cool

Maybe this is why I couldn’t sleep, impending doom (of sorts) kept me up.  I’m just like Eli Stone in that one episode

For more information on the quake, click here.

Excuse My Beauty

I’m not sure if this is a tranny train wreck or just one FEIRCE latino/a… Either way, hella funny.  Reminds me of a few people I bumped into when I lived in San Francisco.  I was once kicked off a corner, from where I was waiting for Seth to walk me to a party, by a tranny prostitute who thought I was trying to steal her business.  Yikes.  Compliment or pwnd?

[flv:Excuse_My_Beauty.flv 425 355]

New Family Members

So Ryan hasn’t met our new fellas but we now have two more fishees.  We are still working on the names, going for late 80’s-90’s sitcom character names.  Right now we have Mr. Belvedere;


The two new guys…



We also started a flower and vegetable garden.  We have so many beautiful flowers blooming and vegetables sprouting… oh how much fun.  Right now they are living in our living room but once we get some more reliably good weather, they’ll live on our giant balcony.  Hip hip hooray.