Goodbye Houston…

Downtown Houston Sunset

Downtown Houston Texas

It’s pretty crazy to think how long I’ve been away from Columbia and Ryan and the rest of my friends.  While I’ve had a great to amazing time here in Texas, it is time for me to go home and get ready for the upcoming semester, as well as act on all the job opportunities I’ve been given, before I’m totally overwhelmed and don’t complete any of them…… rutroh.

I drove to Rockport Texas in a last minute effort to squeeze a little more out of my time here.  There I visited with my cousins, David, Susan and Katie.  David has got to be one of my best friends in the world.  The only person who I’ve ever gotten along with so well that we’ve never had a disagreement or argument.  We grew up as best friends, moved to California together and have continued to maintain a great, though sadly quite distant, relationship.  It was so wonderful to see the three of them, though I really do wish Stephanie, the fourth in this cluster of cousins, could have been there.

We made dinner, I baked a cake and we had a totally random, Cake and a Movie Night.  It was just such a wonderful, relaxing and emotionally fulfilling time together.

Tomorrow morning… well, in 9 hours, I’ll be heading to the airport to fly into Columbia.  I should probably get myself to sleep but the anxiety of the day ahead of me is nearly too much for me to handle!  An ambien would be wonderful right about now.

It isn’t just the stress of so much work to get done when I get home, it’s also the excitement of seeing Ryan, Chadd, Karen, Laura, Eric, Josh, Pheobe, Max Brittany… (@kaleb1983, @chadd65203, @ok2baprincess, @bigred77, @ericcox, @brooding_soul, @fotofobe, @madmax69 @aurablush) and the news that Chase, Corey (@clettenberg, @coreyschmidt) and Sam will be (fingers crossed) moving back to Columbia.

I’ll just have to take it all head on… starting in 8 or so hours.  Until then, goodnight!

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It’s My Birthday, Now What?

My Birthday CakeToday I turned 25 and am now officially a 20-something.  Yikes.  Pretty soon I’ll be approaching the 30-something genre of life.  Which I’m pretty sure means, complaining about work, looking at which stroller to buy and determining the weather cycles through joint pain.

So many wonderful things to look forward to.

Meanwhile, here in Houston, we celebrated my birthday for 48 hours, though I am going to push for another 24 for an even 72, thoughts?  Last night was the pre-birthday party.

Dad made his famous shrimp linguine, it’s freaking delish, this time around he changed up his technique adding a white wine reduction to the mix.  After dinner was the cake, a Hummingbird cake, sans nuts (I’m allergic to nuts and yes, I am aware at how ironic that is thankyouverymuch.)

The cake was created by our favorite cake shop here in Texas, Take the Cake, you really should check them out. Annabel Trudeau makes the most amazing cakes.

Today, my actual birthday I got to hang out with mom and dad, went through some of my old keepsakes which was hilarious and fun… Gotta post some of those pictures.  Then sushi for dinner, my favorite.

Once again, my birthday passes without Ryan! It’s crazy to think that I have not been with Ryan for my birthday, ever.  I’ve been in California or he’s in Tennessee or I’m in Texas… next birthday, it sure better happen!

So I’m 25, now what?  I can rent a car.

That’s about it.

Yawn, to be 17 again…

Feeling a Little Homesick

I’ve been here in Texas or in California for a month now.  While I absolutely love traveling and working here in Texas, being away from my home, my friends and Ryan is really starting to grate on me.

Apartment Living Room

Apartment Living Room

The time spent away from home this summer is the longest I’ve been away from Columbia since I moved to California.  While it’s not unusual for me to spend my summers traveling around the country and then some; I typically make trips back home to recharge between trips.  So far this summer I’ve slept in nine beds, I’ve driven thousands of miles, I’ve flown three flights and I’ve eaten out at around 50 different restaurants.

It’s been a great trip.  With still a few days left working at the office here, I’ve accomplished most of my goals.  I’ve visited several professional photographers and even got to sit in on a few photo shoots.  I’ve made fantastic contacts and have been offered four jobs!  I also accomplished conquering 12 hours of university courses, which is like 3-5 credits more than the university would normally allow!

My Capstone is complete.  My internship is complete.

But all of these accomplishments don’t compare to missing the ones you love.  I’m counting down the days until my flight back to Columbia where I’ll meet @Chadd65203 for a ride to Ryan’s.  Then I’ll hop in my car and drive to see Ryan at work.  Wow, 38 days apart?  It’s insanity, it’s never happened before.  A week apart is one thing, but to not see him for nearly the length of Lent?!  Never would have anticipated that.

Pretty soon though, we’ll all be back to together, I say, let’s hit up Cooper’s Landing, what do you think @kaleb1983 @ok2baprincess @bigred77 @ericcox?

Dinner at Coopers Landing

Dinner at Cooper's Landing

Tomorrow will be yet another work-packed day.  We’ve still got a lot to accomplish before I head back to Houston on Saturday.  August 2nd is my birthday, third year in a row that I’ve missed celebrating it with Ryan!

Alright friends, it’s time to close my eyes for a bit.  Catch you guys on the flip-side!

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What a Trip So Far

This trip to Texas has been just absolutely fantastic. While I’m missing Ryan more and more everyday, I’m accomplishing so much, preparing contacts and opportunity for my future and having an overall great time.

Today I continued my summer tour of professional photography studios.  The one I went to today was hands down the nicest, most inspiring I’ve seen, in-my-life.

14,000 square feet, three stages, two full sized commercial kitchens, a pool, a pond, an atrium, a vegetable and herb garden, fruit trees, and to top it off, a THX certified theater speaker system. The whole outfit is likely worth around $10,000,000. Currently I’m about $9,997,000 short on building my own…

Tomorrow morning I drive back to the hill country, do some more work, then head BACK to Houston for my birthday (August 2) and then BACK again to the hill country and then BACK again to Houston to fly home to Columbia.

I’ve driven quite a bit on this trip… A little too much if you ask me.  But at least I did it in style! LoL

Sure do wish I could take the car home with me to Missouri… I’m getting used to it haha.  Alas, it’s work’s car and I will soon turn over the keys and go back to driving my Honda Accord.  I love my car but you get a taste of luxury and it sticks.

Speaking of which, I should get to sleep, I’ve got a four hour drive in that car starting early in the morning!  Catch you on the flip side.  Oh and go to the photoblog to see some of the new pics.

I’ve Been Busy

Work has been crazy, but also a blast.  Hopefully this weekend I’ll have some downtime to write about all that’s been going on in the last few weeks, including the awesome Tweetup had in San Francisco.

Meanwhile… I was in Delores Park in San Francisco a few weeks ago… remind me of the Eye of Providence… see it?

Sun Sets on Texas

Oh, sad face! It’s time for me to go back to Columbia, MO.

I had a wonderful time here in Texas. I got to see lots of family, I got to open some fun gifts and I got to take some pictures!

Wait, what?! You haven’t seen some of the new stuff? Shameful! Here’s one, just as a teaser…

You can, of course and as usual, see more at which has about half of the new pictures up.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll get the rest online, including the one posted above.  I’ve just been too busy!

Alright friends. Time for me to get some sleep.  I have a plane to catch and actually have to wake up in four hours to get ready so I can catch it!  Love to you all, please visit the photoblog and leave comments.  I love to read your comments.

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Being in Houston

One of my favorite things about being in Houston is getting to hang out with friends.  One better is getting to hang out with someone you met in Missouri who is from Houston.

Last night Chase and I met up for some beers and talk about seeing Milk.  We saw the movie today and it was phenominal.  You must see it.

We also went to the roof of his building and took some pics last night… (my writing style is awful right now, I’m rushing to help with dinner)

Here’s the pic!

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